19-year-old Syrian Girl Raped In Wedding Pledge
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A 19-year-old Syrian girl has filed a complaint with the Riqqa Police Station accusing an unidentified person of raping her, reports Al-Anba daily. The victim said the suspect introduced himself as M.H., speaking in Kuwaiti dialect, swore that he is Kuwaiti and promised to marry her. The man then dated her and took her to an apartment in Salmiya and had ‘forced sex’ with her and went back on his promise, after telling the victim he does not want to marry a girl who gives in so easily to sex advances.

Youth flees police: In an attempt to escape from police, an unidentified Kuwaiti youth who is believed to be in his 20s ran over a policeman and crashed into two parked vehicles in his neighborhood, reports Al-Rai daily. A security source said a police patrol on routine duty in Andalus saw two suspicious looking men driving a car and ordered the man behind the wheel to pull over.

After their IDs were checked, police found one of them was wanted by law and the other looked abnormal. The youth who was wanted by law stepped on the gas pedal as the policeman was checking the ID of the man in the passenger seat and in a vain attempt to escape ran over the man in uniform causing injury to his left foot.

Police chased the youth until he reached Jaber Al-Ahmad where he crashed into two vehicles and entered his home. The disoriented companion has been arrested and taken to the area police station, while police are looking for the youth who escaped.



22 Jun, 2018 1012
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