$150 Million Patriot Missiles Bolster Kuwait's Defenses

23 September 2023 International

As reported by Al-Rai daily, the Pentagon confirmed that the State Department approved an agreement aimed at restoring and revalidating Patriot missiles and providing assistance to Kuwait at an estimated $150 million cost.

In accordance with the arrangement, the United States will provide Kuwait with missile repairs and testing, as well as repair and return of classified and unclassified missile components and ground support equipment components, as well as tools for improving turnaround times for missile repair and recertification efforts, as well as air transportation services for missile processing; US government support for technical and logistical issues.

According to the report, this agreement bolsters the United States' foreign policy and national security objectives. Kuwait, a significant non-NATO ally that has played a crucial role in maintaining political stability and fostering economic progress in the Middle East, will benefit from it.


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