15 Pc Returns From Small Projects
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Deputy Director General for Operation Affairs at National Fund for Small and Medium Enterprise Development Eng Fares Al- Enezi says top-level investors are seeking to invest in the small enterprises’ sector due to their high returns compared to other sectors.

He explained that the returns from small projects are about 15 percent, while the maximum interest that can be obtained for bank deposits is only two percent. Investing in small enterprises is relatively secure due to the fact that it is not affected by the economic changes locally or regionally.

They are not affected by the negative impacts of economic crises that hit the international markets. Most of the small enterprises in the world manage to infiltrate the shares markets and achieve exceptional profits.

Their establishment and licensing do not require complicated procedures. Eng Al-Enezi revealed that the National Fund for SME Development has finished completing a large part of the procedures for facilitating electronic interfacing between the relevant ministries and government bodies, stressing that coordination are ongoing with banks for financing the projects.



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