13 Daily Violations Of The Ban On Employment Under The Sun

01 September 2021 Kuwait

With the end of work, yesterday, with the decision to ban the employment of workers in open areas during the noon hours from eleven in the morning until four in the afternoon, the Kuwait Society for Human Rights monitored 1,230 violations, during the period of application of the decision, at a rate of 13 violations per day.

The violations observed, during the three months of the decision’s entry into force (June, July and August), were distributed among workers delivering orders via motorcycles, construction workers, road workers, cleaners, workers as guards for buildings under construction, and those who live in tents not equipped with air conditioning.

Distribution of violations
768 for motorcycle workers
187 for workers in guard housing
170 for construction workers
76 for cleaners
29 for road workers on the streets



: 155

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