1099 Ads Removed, 154 Warnings Issued And 37 Violations Issued
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The monitoring teams have completed all their preparations in the governorates for the democratic wedding for the National Assembly elections 2020, in implementation of the instructions of the Election Committee in the Kuwait Municipality regarding the removal of random election advertisements and the violation of candidate advertisements hanging on the homes as well as the distribution of containers to the polling stations in all schools in the five constituencies, water denial, cleaning work and school cleaning From the inside, sterilizing them and providing disinfectants in application of health requirements and general cleanliness and to take care and care of the site in terms of internal and external hygiene by the municipality employees and their workers, in addition to cleaning the squares and polling station stands and raising discarded cars in all the roads leading to the polling centers to make it easier for citizens to cast their votes easily and easily.

In this context, the municipality’s official spokesman, Muhammad Al-Mutairi, explained that the number of ads that were removed during the period from 12/11/2020 until 4/12/2020 amounted to 1099 announcements, 154 warnings were issued, 37 violations were issued, and 10 neglected cars removed, stressing that

The monitoring teams in the municipality supervised the cleaning of the polling station from the inside, sterilized and disinfected them, as well as removed advertisements in the streets and homes according to the legal procedures, which are a first warning, then a second and then final warning, after which they completed the removal of the ads, whether they were hanging on real estate or outside, with different procedures. 

He said that the monitoring teams in the five departments provided an observer at each school, 10 workers with cleaning tools, 10 containers with a capacity of 240 liters inside each polling station, providing 4 containers with a capacity of 1100 liters outside each school, providing a regular lorry, a lorry crane, a water mask, and a forklift. As well as providing 2 trillions, pointing in this regard to the continued work of the monitoring teams in all the five departments until the end of the voting process, sorting the results, cleaning the schools from the inside and outside and returning them to what they were, and raising and removing any violating advertisement in general from the streets in all governorates.



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