10,000 KD Fine For Dumping Garbage On The Beaches
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In order to preserve the marine, coastal and terrestrial environment and to preserve the beauty of the country, the Public Security Sector represented by the Environment Police started implementing the Environmental Protection Law No. 42 of 2014 and its provisions by Law No. 99 of 2015, Article 143.

The team monitors environmental violations and takes the necessary measures against the violators. According to the law, a fine of no more than ten thousand dinars shall be imposed on anyone who dumps garbage or waste of any kind on Public beaches or Kuwaiti islands. It is also prohibited to throw any waste from drilling or other works into the sea or the coastal area.

The authorities called on everyone to abide by the law and not to throw any waste on Kuwaiti beaches or islands or into the sea in order to avoid violations.




20 Oct, 2021 250
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