1,000 People Were Killed In Israel's War With Hamas

08 October 2023 Middle East News

According to officials on both sides, the death toll has risen to almost 1,000 since Hamas launched its massive surprise attack on Israel with a barrage of rockets and a large-scale ground assault.

In the conflict's worst escalation in decades, more than 600 Israelis have been killed, while Gaza officials report at least 370 deaths, with thousands more wounded.

According to an official, the death toll "is not a final figure", and more than 2,000 people have been wounded, including 200 in critical condition.

Meanwhile, Israel’s Security Cabinet said the country is at war and authorised ‘significant military steps.’

Thousands of Israeli forces were deployed to battle holdout Hamas fighters in the south and the air force again pounded targets in the Gaza Strip as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of a "long and difficult" war ahead.

As the Israeli army attempted to secure desert regions near the coastal enclave, rescue Israeli hostages, and evacuate all surrounding areas within 24 hours, gun battles erupted in towns and on highways.


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