10 KD Fake Flight Ticket To Escape From Jleeb Al Shuyoukh
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The residents of the isolated areas took advantage of the security men with humanitarian cases including travelers on security check points were presented with fake travel tickets (printed on paper) of departing flights from Kuwait airport and managed to escape isolated areas.

Upon their arrest as per the information received by the Ministry of Interior that these tickets were not original and these print outs were sold to the residents of Jleeb from travel agencies within their areas for 10 dinars per ticket print out.

The sources added that the security men, after receiving this information, followed up with the travel offices and asked them for a list of those who obtained tickets and the total reservations done to arrest the fugitives and take legal measures against them.

While investigating the employees of these travel offices it was found that it is a case of fraud as those airlines never operated on those days nor at that time, legal actions were taken against them.

The Ministry of Interior deals daily with dozens of attempts to escape from the regions, the security has been asked to implement a strict mechanism to check who is leaving and then the permits of exemption are examined more accurately and strictly.

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01 Jul, 2020 2814
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