1 KD Per Ton Toll For Trucks Using Jaber Causeway
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A one-KD per ton toll to be paid by trucks using Jaber Al-Ahmad Causeway and Doha Link would take effect starting July 16, Minister of Public Works Jinan Ramadan said Wednesday.

The Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART) has put regulations for truckers in a bid to assure safety of the causeway and commuters, said Ramadan, also Minister of State for Housing Affairs, in a press release, pointing out that revenues expected will be allocated; in part, for the bridge's maintenance and operation costs, as well as checkups and supervision.

According to the release, the weigh-in and toll collection processes would take place at stations set before the trucks enter the causeway, which would guarantee adequate traffic flow. It added that truck drivers choosing not to pay could use Road 80 then Road 801 to reach the northern area.

The mega bridge cost USD approximately USD three billion, as it spans the Bay of Kuwait in two directions and comprises the Main Link, which connects Kuwait City with the future Silk City; and Doha Link, which connects Kuwait City with Doha and Kuwait Entertainment City. 



12 Jun, 2019 2142
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