If Your Salary Is Less Than 600 KD You Can Not Get Increment More Than 50 KD Per Year
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The limit in annual salary increment will apply to only those employees whose salaries are less than KD 600, local daily Arab Times reported. Earlier, the Manpower Public Authority has made a decision to limit the annual salary increment for all private sector employees of all groups and grades to maximum KD 50. According to Arab Times report, the new rule stipulates that those who receive monthly salary of more than KD 600 can receive unlimited increments annually.

The sources indicated that the authority received complaints from companies from the private sector particularly from big companies and private hospitals which employ doctors, engineers and experts with rare specializations who deserve annual salary increment of more than KD 50.
The sources stressed that this decision augments the method followed for controlling manipulations committed in the work permits of private sector employees for obtaining certain privileges such as driving license, loans or right to apply for visit visas.



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