Asian Couple Arrested For Selling Pork
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Personnel from the Food and Nutrition Inspection Department of the Ahmadi Governorate have arrested an unidentified Asian couple for selling pork, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily added, the couple who was well-known in the area was supplying (home delivery) the pork to some restaurants and individuals upon request. Police acting on a tip-off from a Kuwaiti about the activity of the suspects, set a trap for the couple and caught the man red-handed in possession of the pork.

The pork was sent to the laboratory for tests and results confirmed that it was indeed pig meat. The inspectors seized 25 kilos from the couple, which has been destroyed and the couple referred to the concerned authorities for violating laws and promoting foodstuffs in the country forbidden by law.

The department has warned all those who tamper with the health of citizens and residents through the sale of food items that are prohibited or unfit for human consumption with tough action



04 Dec, 2018 0 1070
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