Ahmadi Police Arrested A Tent Thief
Category: Crime News
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The Ahmadi police have arrested an unidentified man for stealing tents from livestock pens and valuables, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, the man was caught red-handed in the south of the country.

The arrest came past midnight when a police patrol saw the man driving a vanette loaded with tents and when police approached him he fumbled with the reply. The man said the tents belong to his uncle and that he was told to take the tents to another place.

The police then took him to the place from where he had stolen the tents and the owner was shocked to hear the story. The owner said he did not ask anyone to take the tents to another place. The suspect has been referred to the Al-Nuwaiseeb Police Station. A case has been registered against the man.



10 Dec, 2018 0 246
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