A Kuwaiti Patient Dead , Doctor Flee To Egypt
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The case concerning the sudden death of Kuwaiti patient Saud Al-Azemi due to medical error has taken new shocking dimensions, such that the doctor who supervised the treatment of the deceased fled the country to Egypt Monday morning, because there was no travel ban against him, and he did not require any exit permit to travel.

A source noted the Egyptian doctor was on three months probation period with the ministry during which his expertise would have been ascertained and possibly given a permanent contract. He did not respond to summons for investigation and managed to escape without exit permit since his permanent contract has yet to be concluded.

He expressed surprise that the doctor could escape from the country after a case of manslaughter had been registered against him to the extent that Ministry of Health has set up a committee to investigate the incident. He affirmed that the Ministry of Interior will seek the assistance of Interpol to extradite the suspect. Commenting on the issue, MP Mohammad Tana urged the Minister of Health Dr Ali Al-Obeidi to make sure that any person involved in the escape should be held accountable for the actiona



01 Sep, 2015 1956
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