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Working In Catering Company Based In US Army Camp - Want Release Category: Legal
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I am working in a catering company based in a US Army camp, Kuwait. I have already completed three years with this firm and am still working there. My visa is Article 18. I want to get a release and join another company in Kuwait City … is it possible?

Name withheld

Answer: Before we go on, we would like to point out that you have not mentioned whether you were a local transfer to this firm or were hired from abroad.

Secondly, please understand that regardless of the fact that you are working at a US camp, you must be there on the sponsorship of some Kuwait company, which ensures that you fall under the Kuwait Labor Law.

In such a case, if you transferred to your current sponsor from another Kuwaiti company locally then you can’t be stopped from joining another firm as you have already done more than the one year service required for such a transfer.

If, however, you were hired from abroad there could be slight complications although it is likely that you could be allowed to transfer your residence.

If the company gives you a release then there will not be any problem in the transfer but in case the company does not give you the release then you will have to approach the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

The ministry has set a period of three years service to approve such transfers so it could approve your request. But there is also a chance that the transfer request could be rejected. There is, however, nothing stopping you from trying.

Source - Arab Times

Note - All the answers were provided by Arab Times Legal Clinic.

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