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I came to Kuwait (in 1998) on a MEW project visa and after that I changed many companies but remained on the same project visa. Last year, however, I changed my company (from a government project to the private sector — industrial) Now I have again got a better offer from a government project/ contracting company.

Please advise me whether my visa can be transferred or not (from the private sector to a government project visa)?

I am asking this question because my new company sponsor’s mandoob (company representative) says that my residence cannot be transferred because when I entered Kuwait for the first time it was on a government project visa.

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Answer: No, the company representative is wrong. It’s the other way around because you can transfer at any time to a government project residence.

There is no bar on the time nor are any restrictions as mentioned by the mandoob.

If the mandoob keeps insisting on his stand the best thing would be to get a clarification from the Legal Department at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.


Source - Arab Times
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