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Overtime For Managers And Workers Category: Legal
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Under the Kuwait Labor Law, is management eligible for overtime? I work for a company that does not pay managers overtime and the question has come up several times. So, what does the Labor Law say on the issue?

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Answer: The Kuwait Labor Law does not differentiate between different categories of employees, be they average workers or managers. The law also doesn’t say that only the ordinary workers should be given overtime, all it says is that all employees who are required to work beyond the required hours set by the Kuwait Labor Law are entitled to overtime.

This means that every employee, regardless of position, is entitled to overtime payment. Having said that, some companies have their own set of rules, your company is not the only one.

In such companies, the management is excluded from the overtime payment. In spite of this, if you as a manager work overtime you must get overtime payment. You can always approach the Labor Office in your area to file a complaint.

Source - Arab Times
Note - All the answers were provided by Arab Times Legal Clinic.

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