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I firstly thank you for the clarifications that you have been providing to all the expatriates in Kuwait and appreciate the efforts put in by the newspaper.

I am an Indian working as an engineer in a private firm on a KD 750 salary.

My query: I got married around 5 months back and have got a family dependent visa issued for my wife. I had couriered her the visa and asked her to proceed for medical formalities. On receiving her medical report from the diagnostic center, she was declared medically unfit due to a small right calcification spot in the chest X-Ray.

The approved medical center only gave her a diagnostic report mentioning her as “UNFIT – Right Apical Calcification” She was asked by the approving authorities to get another opinion by getting a detailed CT scan test to be performed from any reputed medical institution in India which they shall forward to the concerned panel of doctors in Kuwait.

Please confirm if this is true? She did the same and got the reports verified from 2 specialists from different hospitals and they have confirmed that the complete CT scan report and X-Ray clearly mentions that “even though calcification is present, there is no sign of any active infection like cancer or tuberculosis and she is not infectious to others”.

I spoke to some of my friends in Kuwait who advised that once she (my wife) is declared unfit even if it is due to some past infection which could have been probably in her childhood, the concerned screening authorities will not entertain the CT scan results and stamp her visa as unfit and she will then be banned from entering Kuwait as all her details would be there in their data base.

How can I solve this problem as there is absolutely no active infection present and I assure that any test done even in Kuwait will not show presence of any infection.

I am even ready to give an undertaking required i.e. to arrange for her to leave in case any infection is found during any medical test in Kuwait. I just want her to visit Kuwait once and stay with me even if it is on visit visa.

Can there be any way out ?

Is there any consideration shown by the screening authorities in India appointed by Kuwait government?

Should I ask her to send me her reports and have the same verified by the specialists in Kuwait and submit that report to the screening authorities in India prior to the expiry of her family visa. Please advise as I am really worried.

Name withheld 
Answer: Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do. Once you have been declared medically unfit the information is entered in all the computer networks in Kuwait and you will not be able to get any sort of visa.

Health officials talk about a very lengthy procedure, involving setting up of a board, to hear appeals against being medically unfit but in practice this has never been done because “ no body will really take the pains to go through such a lengthy appeal, and that for an expatriate.

In fact, things in this regard have become so bad that if you are declared medically unfit by one of the Gulf Cooperation States (GCC), the information is shared with all the other states and you can’t enter any of the GCC countries any sort of visa.

Source - Arab Times
Note - All the answers were provided by Arab Times Legal Clinic.

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