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My family stayed in Kuwait on an  Article 22 (dependent) residence  from 2002 to 2012. In July 2012, I  cancelled my family’s residence  and handed over the Civil IDs to  the passport office before sending  the family back to India.

Now, in August 2015, my family  returned to Kuwait — again on  Article 22 residence — and they  have already received new Civil  IDs which are valid for two years.

Please note that only my son’s  residency and Civil ID numbers are  new. He was born in Kuwait in  2002. He is 13 years old.

Kindly advise whether it is mandatory to have only one residence  and Civil ID number per person. If  so, please detail the procedure to  get the old residency and civil ID  numbers for my son.

Name withheld

Answer:  Normally, the Civil ID  and residence numbers do not  change for the duration you remain  in Kuwait. Even if you remain out of  the country for a very long time and  return you get the same numbers.

  1. It is very rare, although this does  happen sometimes, for various reasons but it does not matter nor does  it reflect in anyway on your stay in  the country.  So, don’t worry about it, let the  new numbers given to your son  remain as these are because all the  efforts that you put in to get the num- bers changed will go in waste.

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