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19th Apr from 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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Discovery Theater at Live Tags Mall Live Tags Theater at Discovery Mall, Kuwait City, Capital Governorate,Kuwait

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Our story

In 2012 bonsai created the first club for entrepreneurs and small and entrepreneurs in the region, which could in years to be held for more than 30 times a missionary in the paragraphs of the world's positive for the initiators of the true stories of projects able to reach the stage of stability, have also been targeted outreach information and skills for success in the world of leadership and business. After this expansion was necessary to expand the idea to offer a new concept and unique services to satisfy the taste of the public to have this club Upgrade new kernel based on the experience in dealing with the pioneers and markets.

In this context establish bonsai management consulting expertise unique in the small and medium enterprises and build on its expertise in consulting and training on entrepreneurship, public and private sectors in this voluntary club and the management of private volunteers from small projects in Kuwait owners, shareholders, through our social responsibility support this non-profit club in turn, raises the culture of entrepreneurship and build a positive spirit of entrepreneurs


Upgrade is the club is a nonprofit interested in building and developing trade practitioners and small entrepreneurial skills, with the club's philosophy to create incubator evolutionary business owners based on the creative development of the mentality of trade and the creation of a typical business and highlighting the distinctive body and behavior fervent for success which Atkhana his slogan. "Awakening the Business within" Our vision is to be the first club for the initiators of the Middle East that promotes creativity in business and passion in the lead.

Objectives 1. Create a development incubator for small and medium enterprises seeking to develop its members in the management and business development. 2. create developmental activities of non-profit promoted the culture of development and development of the participants. 3. involve all segments of the evolution of the quality of life of the initiator and assumptions of success a positive environment. 4. positive alternative to the industry contributes to the development of projects and companies and the positive cultivation in the pattern of a leading business life.

We provide our services for each:

  • Entrepreneur would like to identify the small businesses and the mechanism of management.
  • Who would like to save the idea and commercial project.
  • His project would like to express his trade to success.

Our flying everyone

Bhtoa club on several group meetings concerned with the development of a culture of entrepreneurship, which are held on a monthly basis to the members, in addition to social activities held sideways, which aims to develop the social aspect of the initiator and enhance his life style catalyst for action. Assemblies containing the club's many paragraphs panel discussions and scientific mixed with pleasure, as the curriculum focuses on the exposure of many creative business ideas and interview specialists functions of the project, and our commitment to be abandoned paragraphs global models promote standards and put the skills that enhance the efficiency of the participants and concepts closer to success in the world of initiative of the business, and our team aimed to provide all of this content in different ways and scenes attractive and inspiring rhythm of the mind and behavior of the initiator.

All of these events involved even shave his idea and the initiator of us to pick ourselves up off our dreams underlying group

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