The Practice Of Confidence In The Capabilities Of Your Ego Building
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KWD 145

Hosted by : Integrated Vision Institute For Training Consult

21st Nov from 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM
23rd Nov from 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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Salwa, Hawalli Governorate,Kuwait

+965 69031580

Your chance for the first time in the practice of confidence-building in accordance with the methodology approved by theorists and specialists in the methodology of science and building personal confidence and build a confident and launching rapid learning of the talents of thinking according to building confidence and success in the characters and the strength of self-program for three days

  • Called character confident
  • The capabilities of the practice of confidence
  • Rely on yourself
  • Psychological liberation and renewal in your youth and your activity and fitness

Program Goals

  • March Accelerated Learning to build trust in you
  • March Dgotk freedom from and freedom from your past
  • Turning to the psychological state of liberal and advanced on the circumstances
  • Get rid of all Giwdk restricted to you and your convictions
  • Learn to exercise psychological freedom and freedom of mind and freedom to think
  • Push your character to interact with confidence and temperament, habits and behaviors ideas
  • Launched a renewable energy and impulsive thinking in your life and your job and your health
  • Think of yourself freely about the past and spoke frankly and boldly and courageously with yourself
  • Carried out the principles of trust and features unsure
  • Act freely and independently fast and overcome the pressures of your relationships with people
  • Look at your life and see a revised look with renewed and conscious
  • Deal with self respect and appreciation and gratitude and goodwill and understanding, tolerance and desire for reconciliation
  • Think about taking care of your health and freedom from negative thoughts and look pessimism and replace it by insisting, determination and the struggle and bravery
  • Learn ways to build trust upward
  • Launched a new understanding of life and the use of mental simulation that builds every confidence components
  • Build your confidence day by day and every hour all the time and enjoy yourself Batnaik
  • I look at life and into unsure liberals and optimists
  • Post internal energy believe in and trust to exploit and their impact on people
  • Look at your life aspiration and determination on the determination of success
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