Spartan Functional Fitness Intensive Day 5 Feb In Kuwait
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Hosted by : Spartan Gear Kuwait

5th Feb from 10:00 AM - 11:30 PM

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Training For Warriors - Kuwait, CO-OP Road street 6, Jabriya , Hawalli Governorate,Kuwait

+965 50133525

Spartan Functional Fitness intensive day 5 Feb in Kuwait

Spartan Gear on Nordic Functional Fitness – a versatile and efficient training method originated from Finland. 
Spartan Gear instructor courses include such as kettlebell, functional training, bodyweight training, barbell training, mental training and nutrition courses. 
Our mission is developing your skills and opening new doors along the way. Our courses are developed based on our skills and knowledge from years of experience.

We have had numerous customers across Europe with all kinds of backgrounds; experts, top athletes but also normal people with will and interest to develop themselves. 
If you’re willing to develop yourself, acquire new skills and more knowledge, join us! 

Come and get to know us and our concept. During the intensive day you will learn secrets of Spartan Gear’s training methods. You will also get an insight of what true functional training is. 
The one day intensive seminar is open for all people interested in sports and athletic lifestyle. 

We welcome you onboard to have fun and learn Finnish expertise. The duration of the seminar is 7hours and you will receive a Spartan Gear certificate at the end.

Seminar subject:
Kettlebell bacis and safety technique 
Bodyweight basic
* Core training
* Animal movements
* Flow movements
* Partner training
Spartan Fighter training
* Hammer training
* Tire flipping
* Medicine ball training
Barbell techniques
* Back squat
* Deadlift
* Fighter barbell exercises 
Mobility training

Antti Nurmi – Father of Nordic Functional Fitness
Antti is the founding father of Nordic Functional Fitness. He was one of the first ones to bring kettlebell and bodyweight training to the public knowledge in the Nordic countries. Antti is also a 4 dan black belt instructor in Defendo and has over 20 years of experience in combat sports. He has trained hundreds of instructors both in functional fitness and martial arts.
- Pioneer in kettlebell training in the Nordic countries
- World-renowned fitness and functional training expert
- Year of experience as a competitive MMA fighter
- Founding member and leading instructor of Defendo I.D.D.I. Group
- Gym entrepreneur and the founder of Spartan Gear -brand

Eveliina Tistelgren – Professional IFBB Fitness Athlete
Eveliina is a well-known Finnish Fitness Athlete and a bodyweight training coach. She regularly attends fitness competitions around the world and has achieved success both home and abroad. Eveliina’s blog posts and technique videos in YouTube have thousands of followers in Finland and around the world.
- Finnish champion in IFBB Fitness 2012
- Background in competitive gymnastics both as an athlete and a coach
- Expert coach in bodyweight training techniques, functional training and nutrition
- Certified Spartan Gear -instructor
- Model, presenter and a successful YouTube personality
- Bachelor of Sport Studies

Seminar is opet to all trainers, Fitness professionals & Personal Trainers & Martial arts trainers / coaches.

Ask for details and reserve your spot today:
Tel: +965 50133525

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