Mind, Brain, And Education
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KWD 199

Hosted by : FitNeuro

28th Nov from 04:00 PM - 09:00 PM
30th Nov from 04:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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Kuwait City, Capital Governorate,Kuwait

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This workshop introduces the new academic discipline of Mind Brain, and Education (MBE) science. MBE science is the new and improved brain-based learning known as the scientifically substantiated art of teaching. It is the intersection of neuroscience, education, and psychology, and it is a paradigm shift in formal education. Masters of Education programs around the world are slowly adapting this new model, starting in Harvard in 2001. Popular press information about “brain-based learning,” has been applied indiscreetly and inconsistently to classroom teaching practices for many years. This series of workshops seeks to separate the wheat from the chaff (how do we know what is good information and what is just commercial?), and to invite the audience to wear the MBE hat and embrace its shared goals of improving teaching by applying our improved understanding of how the brain learns.

The workshop will respond to the following questions:

o What is MBE? Where does it come from? What does it mean for teaching? o What is Transdisciplinary Thinking and why is it desirable?; What are some of the Risk and Protective Factors that face learners? o Neuromyths still prevalent in education-why do teachers believe them? o Eliminating Neuromyths in Educational Practice: What Teachers Need to Know o What is Best Practice Teaching in Mind, Brain and Education science?

By the end of the workshop participants will appreciate the role of the mind-body connection in learning and understand the basic neural mechanisms of memory, attention and the role of emotions in cognition. Most importantly, participants will leave with 50 practical applications of Mind, Brain, and Education science for use in the modern classroom.

Requirements / Prerequisites: English

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