Diversity Within Novelist Experience And Aesthetic Necessities
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Sometimes the sense we read the clerk what we read his novel one , even though we read accounts of his group , which makes us what we get to such an outcome ? What makes us spotter ( fatigue aesthetic ) because of repeated vocabulary of space and time and concerns and shape , and how can the writer be renewed and varied , and freed from the reader and Nmtith , and to accept venturing a way so as not located in the tradition of , for example, his book successful , after testing that ( recipe ) industry , or The Pope wrote ensured his critical and popular success

 First day:

 Diversity within novelist experience and aesthetic necessities: a modern and dialogues:
 • diversity of forms: reading the meaning of form as content, form and the impact on the production of new or deepen the meaning of meaning, and raise the status of a literary work or drop out. The formal diversity within the text itself. Is Thanksgiving just outside decor? Or is the work itself, and the legitimacy of its existence within the art of the novel or the exile of a kind? Is consciousness as is the consciousness of the surface or substance, morally?
 • diversity of topics: How can renewed writer and renewed his imagination, and expands the horizons Tejrebith in each new topic of his choice, and how dangerous to stay in the space of one, or Tmah one is either attributable to a specific region of a specific or a specific topic is not out of them.

 • Language diversity : Can we actually can write all our work in one language , and whether appropriate language for each Moadiana our personalities and fiction , or is there a need to find appropriate language mouthpiece of the nature of the place and the nature of the characters in each new work ?

 • diversity of times and places : Is the time when work is going on novelist incumbent upon us to find new formats appropriate to the nature of that time? And how can your text Ajaddedk humanly and artistically diverse events that dealt with at different times ? Is it all over the place needs a certain language ? Did you choose the language and different perspective Afrdahma Afrdahma time and place?

 • diversity and receiving : What is the importance of renewal within the experience , and what are the gravity , or the necessity for the receiving process ? And to what extent it can venturing writer with the reader , to provide what was not expected by the reader in this new work ? .....

 The second day:

 Participants choose texts for the book see it as technically and cognitively essential (ideally , or typically responsive to the aspirations of writing ) and talking about these texts chosen and why , and what it represents to them from an intellectual aesthetic value of art. And the intersection with the written their concerns

 The third day:

 Participants offer their texts : These texts discuss why they chose the topic, language , time, format / for the texts .

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