Amma Kuwait To Offer Free Yoga And Meditation Courses
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5th May from 06:30 AM - 11:00 AM
6th May from 06:30 AM - 11:00 AM
7th May from 06:30 AM - 11:00 AM

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Salmiya, Hawalli Governorate,Kuwait

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Meditation is the art of mastering the mind. The way we perceive the world around us completely depends upon our mind. In our search for happiness, we essentially have two options—modify the entire world so that everything turns out exactly the way we want it or modify our mind so that we are able to be happy, content and peaceful, regardless of what happens in the external world. The former is obviously impossible. We have very little control over our external world. The only hope for happiness lies in controlling the inner world. Meditation is a key element in this process.

Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique - IAM is a simple and powerful practice which is a combination of yoga, pranayama and meditation created by world renowned spiritual leader and humanitarian Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, affectionately called as 'Amma' by millions throughout the world. Amma is a Self-realized master with complete understanding and experience in all forms of meditation, in which she has engaged herself extensively during decades of intense spiritual practices. In the past 40 years, Amma has taught meditation to millions of people across the world and has even addressed the subject at the United Nations in Geneva, the Parliament of World's Religions in Chicago and the World Council of Religious Leaders in New York.

Amma says, “The remote control of our mind should rest firmly in the palm of our hand.” Imagine one with such mental control. Emotions, ideas and memories are at his beck and call. If anger comes, he can change the channel. The same with jealousy and greed. He can recall any past event, like reversing a DVD. If he wants ideas, he only need turn to the “idea channel” and a stream of creative ideas will flow forth. No more staring at the blank screen of writer’s block. Total and complete mental control—this is what IAM Meditation offers.

IAM is a meditation technique for modern day that takes just 20 minutes a day. The technique is a synthesis of traditional, time-tested methods suited for the current mental conditions, time-constraints and needs of modern man. Amma’s disciples teach the technique, free of charge, in all parts of the world.

Daily mental maintenance: The mind is like a machine but it is completely up to us to maintain that machine properly. Only then will we get the maximum potential from it. We should also know how to turn the machine off. This, sadly, has become a lost art, and the very reason we see so many people around us “blowing fuses.” IAM Technique is a daily mental maintenance system. Through focusing on objects, sounds and sensations during meditation, our power of concentration increases. Observing our mental and vital functions, we gain awareness. Relaxing the mind removes stress. Expanding our concept of self similarly expands our thinking in general, making us more creative.

Research shows benefits of IAM meditation technique: IAM—Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique lowers stress hormones, according to a study recently published in the 2011 volume of the international journal Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine (eCAM), published by the Hindawi Publishing Corporation. The five-year study, titled “The Effect of Meditation on Psycho-Physiological Variables,” examines the effect of IAM Technique on various psychological, physiological and biochemical parameters. According to the study, practitioners of IAM Technique® experience a reduction in stress-hormone adrenaline within 48 hours of beginning the practice. This reduction was shown to sustain in IAM Technique® practitioners throughout the eight-month monitoring period accounted for by the study. The study also showed a decline in stress-hormone cortisol following eight months of practice.

Other physiological results documented by the study include a significant decrease in the heart and respiratory rate of practitioners, as well as significant increase in IgA levels, which are associated with immunological benefits. Through the study’s psychological-evaluation component, a major change was also recorded in the attitude of practitioners towards ‘stressful events.’ This study was conducted by Vandana Balakrishnan (research scholar), under the guidance of Dr. Harish Kumar, Head of the Department of Endocrinology; Prof. L. Saraswathy (HOD); and Prof. G.K. Suseeladevi of the Department of Physiology, at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) in Cochin. Prof. K.R. Sundaram, HOD, Department of Biostatistics at AIMS, provided the statistical support.

The results of the study have given rise to further research, including a study on the effect of IAM Technique on relieving stress amongst cancer patients undergoing treatment, as well as the impact of the technique in relieving hypertension. IAM Technique is taught free of charge throughout the world by representatives of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math (MAM), the non-governmental organization of renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi MAM has been teaching the technique to the public since 2003. In 2008, at the request of the Indian government, MAM began teaching IAM Technique on a widespread scale to India’s military and paramilitary soldiers. The technique is also being taught in schools and colleges throughout India, as well as to employees of businesses corporations and organisations in USA, Europe, India and other parts of the world

Experience the meditation benefits: Improved power of concentration, relaxation, expansive thinking and awareness are the basic benefits of IAM (Meditation). These constitute a general refinement of the mind. How one uses that refined mind is completely up to each individual.

A painter may use his refined mind to open up the well of ideas within him and apply them on a canvas. A CEO may use them to manage his/her company better, make shrewder business moves and relax more deeply on holidays. A soldier may use his refined mind to maintain mental equipoise in conflicts. A monastic may use his/her refined mind to contemplate on the nature of her soul. The possibilities are endless and completely up to the practitioner.

 “IAM has helped me to concentrate more on my studies. It has strengthened my ability to grasp. It has given me mental peace as well. I feel like I have more strength to face the various challenges that come in life. It has given me a feeling of inner harmony. Now that I am in harmony with myself, I feel more in harmony with my surroundings as well.” This is just a sample of the testimonials from millionsof IAM practitioners.

 Meditation - Discover your true potential: Meditation and yoga are ancient practices that empower the mind, allowing the practitioner to discover his true potential. They are the secret to physical well-being as well as to internal bliss and tranquility. The healing benefits of yoga and meditation are scientifically proven facts, with medical experts-including neurologists, physiologists, cardiologists and psychologists-endorsing these time-proven – healing practices for better health.

Furthermore, millions around the world are turning to these ancient Indian arts to gain mastery over their lives and to enjoy inner peace. Through a regular meditation practice, one can come to experience improved concentration mental peace, overall vitality as well as physical and emotional well-being. Stress is reduced. And by unleashing the minds true potential excellence and enhanced creativity blossom.

IAM classes are conducted by trained and authorized monastic disciples of Amma. The technique is imparted in different modules:

A module for children of different age groups

A module for organizations

A module for those more deeply interested in spiritual practice.

Classes are currently being conducted across India, North and South America, Europe, New Zealand, Africa, United Arab Emirates and other areas

Amma Kuwait is an organization registered with the Embassy of India, Kuwait. You may register for the one day training session at the link /> 

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