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Fazlul Mubeen Khan

Resident Card No.



HOT Engineering & Construction Co. (HOT ECC)




Document control manager cum certified Internal Auditor (QMS, EMS & HSE Management)

Total Experience

15+ Years throughout GCC - Gulf & India

Notice/Joining Period

At the earliest (project at completion stage)

Date of Birth


Marital Status

Married having 1 child in kuwait (Family Visa Status)

Present Salary

600 (KD) Expected salary: 750 (KD) & above

Visa (Type)

18 A - Transferrable (PROJECTS VISA)

Passport Details:

Issue / Expiry


Passport No. L1171343

Issued - 07.01.2013 / Expires - 06.01.2023

Contact Details


00965 – 98793972

0091 – 9949289259 (Mother India)


License Details: Issued by: RTA-HYDERABAD-CZ

Issue / Expiry (INDIA)

Indian Driving License No. TS01220160001281

Issued - 23.01.2016 / Expires - 15.10.2030

Educational Qualification

Doctorate in Management Studies

Bachelor of Business Administration

Professional Qualification

Honour’s Diploma in Computer Engineering

Training / Certification

ISO 45001:2018 Lead Auditor – ASSP (TUV) in Kuwait

ISO QMS 9001:2015 Quality Management System

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems

OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety AS

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System



01/08/2018 – To – Till Date

HOT Engineering & Construction Co. (HOT ECC), Kuwait


Document control manager cum certified Internal Auditor

(QMS, EMS & HSE Management System)

Roles & Responsibilities

        Performed multi-talented tasks with respect to Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

        Assisting to perform daily verification that Operational Excellence and Performance System (OEPS) are implemented efficiently by setting an expectation for competency, consistency, reliability, and credibility to use.

        Assisting with risk assessments in conjunction with facilities and product lines.

        Ensuring incidents are reported in accordance with company standards.

        Addressing risks related to financial - reporting, operations, legal and regulatory compliance and the company latest strategy set by top management.

        Assists and follow up of planning of each audit, including: notification to auditees, analysis, recommendation and submittal for approval of the Audit Plan, ensure that Audit Plan has been dispatched to auditees, providing assistance to lead auditors during the steps of preparation as per ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 as a “business management tool”, Organize processes, Improve the efficiency of processes, continual improvements. Interfacing between auditors and auditees. Act as a facilitator of audits

        Assists to analyze audit reports, make recommendations that are usable and workable for auditees and the Quality Management Team.

        Preparing action lists for the pending/outstanding observations and NCR’s to enhance closeouts under the given time period before it reaches the target date.

        Monitoring the performance of internal audits, ensuring that internal audits comply with applicable standards, regulations, and guidance (e.g., ISO 19011:2011 Guidelines for auditing management systems) and that resulting reports are fair, impartial, and useful.

·            Perform Regularly audit report progress of audit activity against audit plan and follow-up of outstanding issues/observations and NCR’s for closeout through action list updates and provide status reports on agreed actions and expected dates of completion

·            Actively facilitate investigations with the aim of identifying, recording and ultimately correcting systemic, behavioural and organisational system deficiencies

·           Assist to perform analysis regularly, root cause analysis, and determine corrective actions to determine adverse events or trends within the Technical operations department.

·           Assist the team to gather appropriate information on which to base decisions of audits accordingly. Assists to make decisions within authority/responsibilities that impact own area. Assist to make decisions in a timeframe appropriate to the task

        Establishing and communicating the scope and objectives of the Audit to appropriate members of management.

        Developing an understanding of the business area under review - this includes objectives, measurements & key transaction types and involves interviews and a review of documents - flowcharts and narratives may be created, if necessary.

        Describing the key risks facing the business activities within the scope of the Audit.

        Identifying management practices in the five components of control to ensure that each key risk is properly controlled and monitored. Prepare Internal Audit to identify common risks and desired controls in the specific process which is being audited.

        Developing and executing a risk-based sampling and testing approach to determine whether the most important management controls are operating as intended.

        Reporting issues and challenges identified and negotiating action plans with the management to address these problems.

        Following-up on reported findings at appropriate intervals. Internal Audit Departments maintain a follow-up database for this purpose.

        Provides independent assurance that an organization’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively.

        Provide traditional audit assurance across the risk spectrum as well as consulting project support in a variety of areas such as project management, data analysis, and monitoring of major company initiatives, may establish specialty areas to handle their service portfolio.

        Provides technical support during audit process workflow, statistical analysis, and obtaining data from systems.

        Assists in analyzing the root causes for effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

        Provide assistance to identify the hazards for proper safeguarding of company assets

        Follows and monitors the completion of audits within the organization from its planning to the nonconformance/Corrective-Preventive action’s closure.

·           Ability to comprehend and interpret instructions, short correspondence, and memos and ask clarifying questions to ensure understanding. Ability to write routine reports and correspondence. Ability to respond to common inquiries or complaints from clients, co-workers, and/or supervisor. Ability to effectively present information to an internal department and/or large groups of employees.

·           Perform the given job successfully and each essential duty satisfactorily.

·           Provides support for monitoring injury, illness, and incident related performance. Supports the development and implementation of strategic solutions that will improve the performance results as required.

·           Provides health, safety and environmental regulatory compliance support and reports findings, concerns, and deficiencies. Responds to client/customer/member concerns regarding HSE matters.

·           Supports cost reduction and quality improvement initiatives as directed.

·           Supports compliance and the Principles of Responsibility (Client Code of Conduct) by maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of information, protecting the assets of the organization, acting with ethics and integrity, reporting non-compliance and adhering to applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, accreditation and client policies and procedures.

·           May act as an HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) subject matter resource for the field and other assigned duties.

·           Follows the guidelines of the ISO 9001 standard, meets customer requirements and statutory and regulatory requirements, Maintains documentation through                             Risk-Based Terminology” Drive and monitor Audits of the company according to the Audit Program/Schedule & QMS Procedure.

        Assists to analyze the reliability of management reporting. Verify the compliance with laws and regulations.

        Assure the completion of the audit with respective time frames. Prepare the audit reports within reasonable due time.

        Ensure strategic investigations are conducted and root causes are identified, Ensure Corrective Actions/Preventive Actions are established and recorded. Monitor the Corrective/Preventive actions following the QMS Procedures. Promote Opportunities for Improvement within the organization.

        Use the results/reports of Audit and customers satisfaction survey reports, to identify the risk & opportunities for improvement/appraisals of all QMS processes with strategic plans.

        attending meetings with audited to develop an understanding of business processes;

        travelling to different sites to meet relevant staff and obtain documents and information;

        researching and assessing how well risk management processes are working and recording the results using software such as Microsoft Word and Excel;

        providing ad hoc advice and guidance to managers and staff at all levels, sometimes by delivering courses and training sessions;

        performing risk assessments on key business activities and using this information to guide what to cover in audits;

        anticipating emerging issues through research and interviews and deciding how best to deal with them;

        providing support and guidance to management on how to handle new opportunities;

        agreeing recommendations with relevant staff members to make improvements to operations and helping to secure backing for them in meetings;

        preparing reports to highlight issues and problems and distributing the reports to the relevant people;

        assessing how well the business is complying to rules and regulations and informing management whether any issues need addressing;

        Managing a variety of stakeholders and their expectations through regular communications.

        Follow up the Corrective and Preventive actions. Make sure quality incidents are recorded.

        Reviewing nonconformities (service, Customer complaints, incident and ill health).

        Identifying the causes of nonconformities and mitigate the risks before occurrence.

        Evaluating the need for actions to ensure the non-recurrence of such nonconformities.

        Determining and implementing needed actions. Recording the results of actions taken.

        Strategic reviewing the effectiveness of the corrective actions taken.

        Proficiency in ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007 standard and variants and general knowledge of Oil & Gas mining sector in general and refining operations more precisely.

        Individually succeeded ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 External Audits (EMS, HSE & QA/QC - QMS Management) and successfully completed many Client based internal Audits as per the requirements / procedures of company.

        Knowledge of standard 19011:2011 and its principles, its rules, key points, its ethics and objectives.

        Verify if the MRB (Manufacturing Record Book) and the Operating Maintenance Manual is in conformance with the quality standards in co-ordination with QA/QC Team

        Ensure that conclusions of the audit are understood by the auditees. Manage and monitor nonconformities with respect to the QMS Procedure.

        Ensure that nonconformities are correctly entered, and all section are fulfilled, and make sure relevant persons are notified on occurrence of nonconformance

        Follow the responsiveness of process owners on nonconformities treatment.

        Consistent with the HSE Policy & Integrated Management System (Level-1, 2, 3, 4)

        Are measurable as far as practicable, Taking into account applicable requirements

        Relevant to conformity of products and services and to the enhancement of customer satisfaction, Monitored, Communicated and Updated as appropriate.

        Data analysis & retention, objective-thinking, judgment and leadership skills.

        Assist to evaluate the organization’s readiness in case of business interruption.

        Schedule-orientated (able to consistently maintain schedules and meet deadlines)

        Detail oriented, Technical writing skills, Ability to manage multiple priorities, Knowledgeable in use of computers and applicable software (MS Windows & Adv. Office)

        Ensured a set of comprehensive information management procedures and departmental work instructions are developed and maintained.

        Leads the development of final Project documentation with the GES+ Contractor.

        Lead efforts to develop and agree all standards, systems, handover and close-out of Project activities related to information management

        Arrange for set up, implementation and maintenance of the electronic document management system; Arrange for training of IPMT personnel in document management systems. Ensured that a comprehensive set of information management procedures are developed and maintained Managed a coordinated approach to resolving procedural issues in a timely manner

        Managed coordinating a complete and timely Project close-out/handover/archiving activities, provided Information Management leadership to the Project A&WR

        Proactive in proposing improvements/developments of systems and processes

        Established, implemented and stewards Project Information Management policies, processes, procedures, systems and controls

        Worked with GES+ Contractor and ensured alignment between IPMT Information Management requirements as per contract terms and conditions

        Provided IPMT oversight of all GES+ Contractor Information Management processes, procedures and systems to ensure contractual compliance, gap identification and closure.

        Demonstrated ability to manage complex workplace relationships to ensure health and safety and environmental information can be obtained, analyzed and communicated to department seniors.


·            Meticulous internal auditor with understanding of the internal workings of the organization and provides valuable solutions to meeting organizational goals and promoting optimum company practices. Superb at collecting, analyzing and examining company records. Specialize in providing company feedback and developing auditing plans. creates an impact on the organization's function, performance and productivity for successful business have played a strategic vital role to develop products, services, and capabilities that provides a company major advantages over competitive forces it faces in the global marketplace. Attended meetings with auditees in order to understand all internal business processes. Traveled to different sites to meet with relevant staff and evaluate operations. Collaborated with staff and administrators research and asses how well risk management processes were working. Audited key business operations and prepared reports based on those audits.


·            Risk management & control

·            Analytical and critical thinking

·            Data mining and analytics through Data Analysis Techniques

·            Accepting responsibility & Business acumen

·            Problem solving tools and techniques

·            Resilience & Conflict resolution

·            The ability to work well under pressure.

·            Attention to detail & Research skills

·            Adaptability with Integrity

·            Continuous Learning

·            Diversity of Partnering by Teamwork

·            Communication skills & Relationship Building

·            Industry-specific knowledge

·            Natural inquisitiveness

·            Persuasiveness & General IT knowledge

·            Change management proficiency

·            service orientation with a global mindset

·            Being a team player based

·            Continual Improvement


27/01/2016 – To 26/07/2018

Alkhorayef Group, Kuwait

Project Name

Large Scale Thermal Pilot Project (LSTP-SOUTH/NORTH) & New GC-16 Project in West Kuwait

Project Cost

KD 27,473,670.591 & KD 2,809,893.786 / KD 87,584,844.000 (Kuwaiti Dinar)


Kuwait Oil Company (KSC)

Main Contractor

Weatherford Oil Tool Middle East Ltd. & Kudu Industries / Alkhorayef Group Company

Sub-Contractor / Venders

Alkhorayef Company for Sale, Maintenance & Repair of Oil Production Equipment LLC & Various Vendors

Project Brief

KOC Contract No. 12050216 AO # 01 - Alkhorayef designed, constructed and begun operating the Large-Scale Thermal Pilot Project (South) or LSTP-S. The LSTP-S is composed of both a Water Treatment Plant with four Once Thru Steam Generators (OTSGs) and the oil treatment plant which separates the associated gas and water from the produced oil. The scope of LSTP-S involved a greenfield facility and included engineering, procurement, construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning (EPC), start-up and operations and maintenance work. Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance Project (BOT contract).

LSTP-S allows KOC to steam up to 8 wells and alternate between Cyclic Steam Simulation (CSS) and steam flooding, depending on reservoir response. With a production capacity of 10,000 barrels per day, this pilot is ideally suited to provide KOC with invaluable data and expertise around the characteristics and behavior of the Lower Fars heavy oil formation.

Due to our success with the Large-Scale Thermal Pilot (North), we’ve begun execution on a similar Project, the South Large-Scale Thermal Pilot. Similar to the LSTP-N, this fast track Project also involved production from two horizontal wells.

KOC Contract No. 44930 - Gathering Centers are installations that receive fluid from a number of Wells and where Oil is separated from Water and Gas. AKC is currently building a New Gathering Centre (New GC-16) for Kuwait Oil Company as a Contractor Owned facility with the State-of-Art Technology.

It is the Single Largest Contractor Owned facility built in Kuwait (may be in Middle East also).

New Technology used in GC-16

New GC-16 is designed and constructed with latest technologies and equipment and thus will be a landmark. Hot Oil Heater instead of Glycol Bath Heater - Umbrella Roof for Crude Storage Tanks, as against the Contract requirement of Cone Roof Tanks, Air Lifting of the Tank Roofs (completed within 30 minutes while conventional method requires few days), High Temperature (110°C) desalting which is much lesser in other KOC GCs, Facility designed to handle high Water Cut (60% or 150 MBWPD). The New GC-16 facility is at the verge of completion of Construction and will be commissioned shortly. AKC will be operating the facility for upto 10 years with Shutdown works.


        Conduct HSE audits on Project sites, Development of HSE training plan, communication and presentation at all levels, Coordination of external Health and Safety training

        Monitor and report on Health, Safety and Environment aspects of the projects.

        Actively promote safety awareness and constantly review and update company safety procedures. Maintain records and produce reports and statistics of all safety related incidents, Monthly reporting on Health and Safety statistics

        Monthly reporting on development of company HSE management system, be fully conversant with all local Health and Safety work regulations, code of practice and legal requirements affecting Safety, Health and Welfare and liaise with government officials as required, Determine the cause of any accident or dangerous occurrence and recommend, means of preventing reoccurrence.

        Strict adherence of company safety regulations with emphasis on working at restricted, hazardous and elevated areas depending on type of area classification.

        Regular safety inspection ensuring site safety administration including safety induction, safety trainings, hazard identification plan, emergency procedures, tool box meetings, H2S training, incident, accident, fire reports and man hour reports.

        Preparation and maintenance of all safety reports and records. Fire prevention using adequate number of approved type of fire extinguishers including periodical inspection and their revalidation. Training personnel in Fire extinguisher usage.

        Safety audit of lifting accessories such as slings, D-shackles, pins, man-baskets, wire ropes, lifting belts.

        Heavy equipment safety inspection, verification and validating of safety certificates through third party for cranes, trailers, forklifts as per company safety rules and regulations. Maintain contact with professional bodies to keep up to date with recommended code of practice and new safety literature.

        Safety inspection and training of Confined spaces, Welding, Gas cutting, Excavation safety and Scaffolding systems during erection, construction and dismantling by adapting proper tagging system which shall be approved by the client. Inspection of approved scaffolding Periodically for general conditions, loading, access and additional requirements of client on specific cases such as safety belts, mid rail, toe board etc.

        Evaluate the progress of achieving HSE targets, maintaining regulatory compliance, and effectively utilizing the Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System; determine that all elements of the HSE Management System have been developed and documented in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements and commitments.

        Verify that corrective and preventative actions have been implemented for identified deficiencies.

        Controlling the work place hazard by preparing hazard checklist pertaining details of existing hazards. Identification of hazards and preventing accidents by ranking hazards to its risk level.

        Preparation of HSE plan as per site requirements and implementation of the same. Preparation of ON-site emergency preparedness and response plan.

        Advising in installation of storage for fuel and chemicals as per environmental requirements.

        Prepare safe work method statements including risk assessments for each activity. Coordination with client for inspection of work site, equipment etc.

        Review with Supervisors corrective action responses to inspections and internal evaluations findings for adequacy and assist with Safety Management System requirements.

        Coordination with external agencies for testing and certification of equipment. Audit analysis of Conduct safety induction, safety training for all employees covering different topics.

        Investigate near miss, unsafe act, and unsafe condition and implement rectification. Investigation of incidents to analyze root causes.

        Provide assistance to develop and run a coordinated housekeeping program including recycling, segregation of scrap at its designated area.

        Conversant with ISO 18001 – OSHA, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, Process Safety Management System.

        Involved in safety promotional activities such as safety campaigns, safety weeks, safety exhibitions, safety improvement team’s conventions, sub-contractor seminars etc.

        Preparation of exhaustive safety manual covering all legal requirements and safety procedures.

        Coordinating with other departments in conducting ON-site emergency drills. Following work permit procedures as per site requirement.

        Conversant in MSDS element such as chemical identity, TLV, STEL, IDLH, Physical properties, reactivity data, health hazards, emergency information etc.

        Strong focus on managing IPMT and GES+ Contractor information flow between Project. Ensured documentation conforms to Client requirements

        Leads the archiving of Project documentation at the completion of the Project.

        Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English Language.

        Knowledge and experience with Information Management computing and hardcopy systems, management processes and assured control procedures at project sites to avoid superseded works/drawings. Knowledge of Electronic Document Management Systems

        Proven leadership and team management skills, capable strategic planner.

        Twelve (12) years’ experience in Information Management and twelve (12) years’ experienced working within a Project organization.

        Experienced in working with large FEED (Front End Engineering Design) & EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) Contractors in the areas of Information management, contract compliance and contract change management.

        Lead and supervise a team of document control staff that is focused in their approach to dealing with the entire Kuwait Oil Company, KOC Kuwait. Capable of working in with              SAP-FMS/IMS & Cloud Computing Database (FileZilla Client) on multiple projects.

        Maintain and continual improvement of company document control process.

        Registration, distribution and periodic review of all QHSE documentation, assist in maintaining the ongoing development, implementation and effectiveness of the company HSE Program.

        Ongoing maintenance of the QHSE tracking databases (Action plan register, EWOC register, UOR register, KPI’S register, Master document register etc’s)

        Participate in incident investigation reviews and data collection.

        Maintain HSE statistical safety data and trending up to date, Preparation statistical reports to Ministry of Ecology as per legislative requirements, Responsible for working within the provisions and guidelines of the Quality Assurance system in compliance with ISO 9001:2015, Liaise with Corporate QHSE Department to ensure a consistent approach is made in Document Control Administration.

        Working knowledge of regulatory requirements, HSE databases and Quality management system, managing reference data repository systems to provide reliable data at fingertips;

        Providing data management expertise (database (SQL, Ms Access), data reconciliation, reporting, analytics, office automation, SAP MM, etc.);

        Collecting and analyzing production asset data; deploying data management best practices (governance); innovating in procedures and tools for data management.

        Develop competences related to a specific data repository system (IOS Mapper) used to manage reference asset data within the Nuclear Entity;

        Merge and reconcile data from databases that have evolved in parallel by interacting with the data owners; provide pre-qualification / tender information on HSE issues.

        Collect the quality data necessary to support the projects by crossing data from different data sources (layout plans, ERP system (SAP), documents, other databases, etc.);

        Organize the data to ensure its usability for the projects, guaranteeing traceability;

        Cross-check the data and solve detected inconsistencies to improve the quality.

        Propose new innovative ways of working and state-of-the art tools to support the Nuclear Entity objectives in the context of Data Management;

        Provide mentorship about digital solutions and data management; Assist the Group Manager in rolling out the Data Management action plan.

        Improvement of the process and ESH performance (assurance and efficiency) by: The (re)design of business processes and development & improvement of systems and documents. Planning, execution, guidance and follow-up of internal and external audits and inspections. Duties as directed by line management from time to time.

        Computer Proficiency: Advanced PC user and Proficient with Microsoft applications, Clear and effective oral and written communication skills in English language.

        Advising Management in complying with Safety & code of practice design & Risk assessment and review. On site Emergency Response Plan preparation and updating, on site Mock Emergency drills and suggests suitable rectification

        Drive continuous improvement on safety aspects. Framing safety policy/plan, Image building safety activities, • HAZOP / HAZID safety of plants, Environmental impact assessment, Quantitative /Qualitative Risk Analysis.

        Advise plants for preparation of Safe operating procedure, Designing Safety training modules., Work permit system (Hot work, vessel entry and work at height)

        Hazard hunt techniques, job safety analysis for identifying & control. Reporting Management on all matters of prime operational safety.

        Construction Safety including Civil, Electro-Mechanical in Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, & Civil projects. Development of company-wide Health, Safety and Environment Procedures Management of Health, Safety and Environment.



02/11/2013 – To 02/11/2015

Al Turki Enterprises LLC, MUSCAT, OMAN


Document Control Manager & Internal Auditor


          In-Charge of complete and full-fledged Documentation Control Management System through ACONEX / PROCON. Maintains customer confidence and protects operations by keeping information highly secured/confidential.

          Assisting in preparing, distributing, controlling and Maintaining of all documents/records as per company’s Quality Policy, HSE Policy, Scope and document and record control procedure which includes company’s Quality Assurance Manual’s, Project Specific Quality Manuals, HSE Manuals, Human Resource Manual, Quality Control Procedures, Quality Assurance Procedures, ITP’s, Standard Operating Procedures, Work Instructions, Drawings, Method Statements through QMS Quality Management System.

          Responsible for coordination of controlled documentation within the company.

          Checking and filing of Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental documentation

          Assist in supporting external audits, coordinating activities in backroom and ensuring timely response to documentation requests for auditors.

          Compile soft and hard copies of Manufacturing Data books and Operations Manuals; collate material certification, design drawings, design calculations, dimensional control reports, non-destructive testing reports and visual inspection reports therein.

          Assist the QHSE Manager to ensure the company QHSE systems meet both industry and regulatory standards, Support the Engineering Design Department with the preparation of Quality Documentation Assigning each document or a set of documents a UID/UIN (Unique Identification Numbering System)

          Coordinate, implement, and maintain the company’s Document Control System

          Reviewing Tender drawings and documents as per (Tender issued / Addendums / Annexures / Post Tender Circulars, IFC / IFT Drawings).

          The Documentation required to be managed by this system includes, complete range of Technical documentation like IFC Drawings, Sketches, Reports, Calculations, Technical Specification, Design/Construction phases, Method Statements, Material Submittals, NCR, SVR, LDN, SON, Etc.

          Screening the entire in and out documents in ACONEX / PROCON and uploading, registering and transmitting all documents through ACONEX / PROCON and maintain complete documentation logs/registers in a sequential segregated order.

          Set Up and Model work process and life cycles within PCM for all Major types of correspondence including, but not limited to, design submittals, meeting minutes, serialized letters, construction Submittals, daily, Weekly and Monthly reports, Quality and safety reports and documents, invoices and change requests etc.

          Defining and Maintaining KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to reach its goals.

Lead and supervise a team of document control staff that is focused in their approach to dealing with the entire NBO OMAN, National Head Office Project. Capable of working in with SAP-FMS on multiple projects. 



Project Name

NHOB/02 – MWP – NBO HO Main Works Package, New Head Office Building Project

NBO Project Site – Al Ghubrah Azaiba, Adjacent to Rawasco / Al Meera Hypermarket

Project Cost

RO 66,348,679.000


National Bank of Oman – NBO (S.A.O.G)


Ibrahim Jaidah Architects & Engineers


Technibuild Contracting (Oman) LLC

Project Brief

Construction of Silver-LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and state-of-art office building consisting of 2 basements, ground, mezzanine and five upper floors, providing “Grade A” office spaces with a range of supporting facilities, and occupying a total built up area of approx. 50,000 m2. The works include excavation, disposal of excavated materials, dewatering, raft foundation, retaining wall, superstructure works, high-end internal finishing to Public Areas, external façade, façade maintenance system, electro-mechanical works, landscaping, water features, coordinating with and managing the other specialized packages’ contractors for Security, Information Communication and Technology, Interior Design and Data Centre packages.


Project Name



Project Cost

RO 55,950,488.000


Petroleum Development of Oman - PDO


KIO (Design), Halcrow (Supervision) / Renardet S.A & Partners


Drake & Scull International

Project Brief

Residential Infrastructure Development at Ras Al Hamra, Consisting of Apartments, Town Houses, Villas, Luxury Villas, totaling up to 241 Residential Units including all Infrastructure & Landscaping Works.


Document Control Manager & Internal Auditor


        In-Charge of complete and full-fledged Documentation Control Management System through ACONEX / PROCON.

        The Documentation required to be managed by this system includes, complete range of Technical documentation like IFC Drawings, Sketches, Reports, Calculations, Technical Specification, Design/Construction phases, Method Statements, Material Submittals, NCR, SVR, LDN, SON, Etc.

        Assigning each document or a set of documents a UID/UIN (Unique Identification Numbering System)

        Screening the entire in and out documents in ACONEX / PROCON and uploading, registering and transmitting all documents through ACONEX / PROCON and maintain complete documentation logs/registers in a sequential segregated order.

        Set Up and Model work process and life cycles within PCM for all Major types of correspondence including, but not limited to, design submittals, meeting minutes, serialized letters, construction Submittals, daily, Weekly and Monthly reports, Quality and safety reports and documents, invoices and change requests etc.

        Defining and Maintaining KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to reach its goals.

        Lead and supervise a team of document control staff that is focused in their approach to dealing with the entire Ras Al Hamra, Petroleum Development of Oman PDO OMAN Oil & Gas Project. Capable of working in with SAP-FMS on multiple projects.



02/06/2010 – 18/May/2013

Mohammad Al Mojil Group (MMG – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)


Deputy Document Control Manager & Internal Auditor


·         Develops and implements policies and procedures for Storage, use and disposition of all documents associated with the program. Documents will be generated from internal as well as external stakeholders.

·         Design the System(s) for filling and indexing Program documents in both hard copy and electronic formats. Set-up and manage the Electronic Document Control Management System.

·         Set Up and Model work process and life cycles within PCM for all Major types of correspondence including, but not limited to, design submittals, meeting minutes, serialized letters, construction Submittals, daily, Weekly and Monthly reports, Quality and safety reports and documents, invoices and change requests etc.

·         Responsible for weekly and monthly reporting (including graphs and charts) for all documents control metrics on the Program, make presentations to the Sub Contractors and senior management as required.

·         Responsible for developing and implementing a training program for the program that includes documents control procedures.

·         Lead and supervise a team of document control staff that is focused in their approach to dealing with the entire EPC3-DAELIM, EPC5-LURGI, SP6-SAUDI ARAMCO & IPP-SEPCOIII Projects. Capable of working in with SAP-FMS on multiple projects.

·         Worked with senior management and develops security policies for documents based on organization’s security requirements.

·         Utilizes best industry practices to maximize benefits to organization by maintaining a sequential documentation tracking system.

Project Name


Project Cost






Project Brief




Project Name


Project Cost






Project Brief




Project Name


Project Cost






Project Brief




Project Name


Project Cost






Project Brief


20/02/2007 – 11/03/2010



Document Control Supervisor (Lead) & Internal Auditor


·         Maintaining records for various types of documents, NCR, SVR, LDN and updating Status.

·         Distribution of Documents through Document Distribution Matrix with Control Copy Number.

·         Updating of Documents and Drawing with Revision Numbers & Supersede the Old Revision or document, drawing etc.

·         Responsibility for distribution of document to work site team and core Engineers through proper channel as per the instructions received from Senior Site Engineer and the client requirement.

·         Maintaining the Files for all the Incoming and Outgoing documents and the soft copies.

·         Maintaining record of all Departments on Site.

·         Submission of Documents through Document Transmittal and Maintain the Records.

·         Maintaining the document database and most importantly the traceability in soft and hard copy.

·         Implementation of the document control procedure established by the QA Department.

·         Communication effectively with various team members within the project so as to pass on the information on time so as to smoothen the project flow.


Project Name

YAS Island

Project Cost






Project Brief

Residential Infrastructure for Yas Island, Consisting of Apartments, Town Houses, Villas, Luxury Villas, Aluminum Cladding, Roofing System with Foam / Light Weight Concrete, Elevators & Escalators including all Infrastructure & Landscaping Works.


25/10/2005 – 22/01/2007

Kinkos – Kuwait (Gulf Cables Co. Ltd.) & Navayuga Infotech. India


Sr. Document Controller & Internal Auditor


·         Determine the needs of end users of technical documentation

·         Study product samples and talk with product designers and developers

·         Work with technical staff to make products easier to use and thus need fewer instructions

·         Organize and write supporting documents for products

·         Use photographs, drawings, diagrams, animation, and charts that increase users’ understanding

·         Select appropriate medium for message or audience, such as manuals or online videos

·         Standardize content across platforms and media

·         Gather usability feedback from customers, designers, and manufacturers

·         Revise documents as new issues arise

·         Responsible for receiving the drawings, segregating / identifying drawing number and spool numbers in Sequential Numbering System, the flow and control of all documentation between Client, Engineers, Quality Inspectors, Shipping, Services Contractor and sub-contractors.

·         Preparing Master Drawing Index (MDI) through SAP System and updating the data accurately as per the latest revision / as-built drawings.

·         Individually succeeded ISO 9001-2008 Audits (Quality Management System) and successfully completed many Client Audits as per the requirement / procedures of company.

·         Coordinating with Warehouse to prioritize the drawings for fabrication as per complete / partial material availability by sizes accordingly.

·         Preparing and Issuance of Fabrication Packages, Job Orders, Job Numbers Assignment and maintained in a project-wise sequential order with Job Completion Certificates (JCC) as and when required upto commissioning stage as per change management.

·         Establish and maintain drawing register for all mechanical, plumbing, fire-fighting, electrical, piping, structural, co-ordination and associated builder work shop drawings.

·         Identify and monitor all documentation and prioritize according to client/project requirement and appraise the Project Director the steps adopted to achieve the requisite objective.

·         Establish and maintain an effective updated filing, indexing, archiving and retrieving system for paper documents in accordance with the Company Quality Assurance procedures/policies.

·         Preparing Daily/Weekly/Monthly Production Report for the MIS (Management Information System) as per ISO standards and ensures 100% productivity at project site.

·         Controlling the superseded documents (their marking with Superseded Stamp and kept in designated area/cabinet) when received the updated revised drawings.

·         Create and maintain a compatible system for effectively filing, archiving and retrieving computerized documents, PROJECT ONLINE DOCUMENT CONTROL SYSTEM (POD-CS).

·         Maintaining list of files discipline wise transmittal for customer / client / contractor / sub-contractor - incoming & Outgoing / receiving of Drawings (with no. stamp and date) / control distribution of drawings and documents with recipient acknowledgement / List of project specifications & method statement with their approval status.

·         Establish and maintain a tracking facility to enable documents to be updated easily.

·         (Condoning of electrodes / Records of Baking & holding / RFI & MTC for receiving compliance. Issue slip & distribution (material test certificate).

·         QC-Drawing control / Quality records (RFIs / inspection records / NCR / Filing system as per discipline & file indexing / encoding / accurate data verification (PROJECTWISE) system in place.

·         Where necessary undertake administration tasks EDMS/PQP/TEST MANIFOLD DIAGRAMS as required by the engineers and other site based staff.

·         Maintain calendar of appointments and schedules, preparing materials and bringing pertinent items and dates to his attention as requested, organizing meetings and taking seconds to communicate / guide visitors to appropriate personnel; answer routine questions according to established guidelines. Experience in Gulf / Western office practices, correspondence and work ethics, through IT literate, quick grasp of tailored software programs.

·         Establish and maintain drawing register for all received Approved for Construction / Issued for Fabrication drawings with proper Incoming / Outgoing Transmittals.

·         Regular sending of Technical Queries - T.Q / Engineering Queries - E.Q Formally/Informally (raised by engineering) to concerned counterpart and maintaining their records, Good Knowledge of Documentation in Freight Forwarding, Shipping, Imports / Export.

·         Preparing/Maintaining the Quality Prequalification Records for getting Client Approval as per requirements, material safety data sheet / technical data sheet (MTC-MSDS/TDS).

·         Making line history sheet (LHS), NDT records & Ensure compliance with quality procedures.

·         Attend and participate in internal/external client meetings when necessary.

·         Making minutes of meeting held during the client visit.

·         Provide Project Director with weekly / monthly reports for incorporation into the Project Reporting Procedure (PRP) Liaise with and Support Project Staff.

·         Updating of (Operation / Maintenance) O & M manual.

·         Ensure throughout the project that Company procedures are adhered to and suitable records are maintained and distributed to the concerned departments as per requirement.

·         Identify ideas for continues improvement of Company Procedures.

·         Carried out Hydro test, Pneumatic test, flushing and pigging, making records of format & punch list raised by clients.

·         Preparation of loop file, system file & Hydrostatic Test Package preparation.

·         Updating mechanical clearance of system date-wise.

·         Attending PMT team during document verification, Support the Project team as a key team player.

·         "The development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs" is sustainability as per ISO 9001; ISO 31000; ISO 31010. The endurance of systems and processes are the four interconnected domains: ecology, economics, politics and culture. Sustainability leads to creation of goods and services using processes and systems that are: non-polluting; conserving of energy and natural resources; economically efficient; safe and healthful for workers, communities, and consumers; and, socially and creatively rewarding for all working people".

15/07/1997 – 26/08/2005

Paralysis Medical Centre of Excellence, Hyderabad, India.


Office Administrator & Internal Auditor


·         Perform all Office Documentation in support of Department’s activities to relieve professionals of clerical and administrative personals to maintain efficient and effective HR operations. Screen and sort mail and documents; respond to routine items not requiring supervisor's attention according to instructions and standard procedures. Set up and maintain office files, records, sales reports, correspondence according to departmental instructions, typing company contracts on electronic type writer, typing all legal documents of the company and miscellaneous information in an organized fashion through proper channel.

·         Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) helps make business more competitive by supporting operational efficiency gains; improved risk management; favourable relations with the investment community and improved access to capital; enhanced employee relations; stronger relationships with communities and an enhanced license to operate; and improved reputation and branding as per ISO-26000. CSR leads the integration of economic, environmental and social imperatives–the triple bottom line which includes environmental protection, human rights, human resource practices, health and safety, labour relations, corporate governance, community engagement, consumer protection, supplier relations, ethics, stakeholder relations and philanthropy.

·         Maintain adequate supply of office materials; order office supplies and other materials as needed and according to established guidelines and procedures. Operate a variety of office equipment. Proficient usage of Official Software’s whichever it be, Laser Fiche (ECM Software) give employees, customers, contractors and third parties secure digital access to information—when and where they need it, Find documents easily within organized folder structures Automatically file documents upon import Easily duplicate existing filing structures, Navigate and preview content with thumbnails of document pages Make scanned and electronic files full-text searchable with optical character recognition (OCR) Save changes with document check in/out, Store documents in intuitive folder structures in a familiar interface, SAP & Microsoft Office, etc. developing techniques of Software’s as per they required and perform related duties as assigned.

·         Front Desk Management, Maintaining All Office Files in proper order (File Management) taking care of Minutes of Meetings, Arranging travel itinerary, Documentation of documents, Making and arranging all types of Excel Work Sheets, Monitoring absence and late arrivals as per company HR policies, Department-wise attendance of employees and following up home contacts through SAP system and instructions of HR. Issue admittance slips and register new employee according to established guidelines and procedures using SAP based Software as per the instructions from HR. Prepare and maintain permanent employee records and cumulative folders to compose correspondence related to employee records.

·         Perform a variety of general and routine clerical duties; type letters, memoranda, bulletins, reports, requisitions, Submittals / Transmittals / Distribution in Departments or other materials from detailed or rough copy; proof reading completed typing assignments. Drafting and distributing company-wise correspondence to the related personals, visitors, customers and staff. Sort and file material according to established procedures; maintaining records, creating logs, inventories and routine files. Compile/Grab information and prepare reports to submit it for local, State and other ADA purposes; type from verbal instructions, rough draft or compose and prepare correspondence concerning employee attendance and records as appropriate. Receive and answer inquiries regarding employees from permanent records; communicate with Chairman, CEO, GM, Department Managers, Departments In charge, Administrators, Co-Employee and Authorized persons regarding office works, discipline and truancy.

·         Take or transcribe dictation; operative notes, manuscripts and letters from rough draft to final copy ensuring accuracy and completeness.  Operate general office machines which include regular typing and word processing equipment, copy machines, calculators and transcription equipment, scanning, printing, Advanced Xeroxing with Punch/Stapling System & faxing.

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