Rehlat Experience Was A Night Mare
Rehlat-Experience-Was-A-Night-Mare in kuwait
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Hawally, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait

Posted: 21 Feb, 2017, 01:44 AM
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My experience with Rehlat was pretty unpleasant to an extent that I recommend never booking your tickets through them. To begin with, I booked two tickets to Hyderabad for Jan 7th and later wanted to cancel one on Jan 6th. On visiting their website, I noticed that there is no link to cancel the ticket online, we can only request or we have to send an email or have a telephonic conversation with the company to cancel your ticket, to which you will get a reply within 24 hours. However, in my situation this was very inconvenient as my journey was scheduled within 24 hours. I tried contacting them through their landline, however, it was a useless attempt as the phone was out of service. Finally, I managed to contact them after 3 hours to which I still get the same reply to wait for 24 hours for the cancellation email. On argument with the lady on phone for 30 minutes, I got the email saying I will be charged a good 35kd for cancellation without an official invoice stating the fare breakup, airline charges etc. On requesting the fare breakup, I got a reply saying they do not provide an invoice for cancellation. Since I had very little time in hand, I told them to go ahead with the cancellation and send me details to collect the refund amount. To make things worse, they replied to collect the refund after 3 weeks from their office personally even though I had paid through KNET. As I had no option left, I tried contacting them after patiently waiting for whole 5 weeks, but my effort was wasted as I couldn’t get through their landline for a span of 2 days. As I was already frustrated, I decided to google the location rather than waiting for the call. I managed to get the location (Al Bahar center) through the Kuwaitlocal Mobile App but was unable to find their office in the mall. I visited all travel offices in that complex just to find Rehlat (without any nameplate or identity) located inside one travel office. This added to my frustration. How can a well-established travel site not even have a separate office and offer such pathetic services?


I asked them for an answer as to why is their service so disgusting, to which I get an awful reply saying that this will be the case if you opt to book your tickets online. This was the last straw. I couldn’t say a word further. 

To sum it all, my experience with Rehlat has by far been the most disgusting and pathetic experience.  I would sincerely recommend people to not use this horrendous website and book their tickets through some other better and safer option.




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