National Industries Group - Sulaibiyah

Khalat Al Ahmar Road,Sulaibiyah, Al Jahra Governorate,Kuwait.

  • +965 24839582
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The development of National Industries Group (NIG) is a story of success through dedication and expertise. Initially established as a building material manufacturing company, NIG grew steadily over the years to become a major multinational conglomerate through diligent work, unwavering commitment and exceptional capabilities.NIG currently manages multiple activities in a diverse range of industries including building materials, petrochemicals, oil and gas services, mechanical industries, utilities, real estate, infrastructure and financial services. NIG continues to successfully secure significant profits for its shareholders through its proven expertise in managing financial portfolios and equity shares as well as direct investment opportunities.Today, NIG owns major shares in many regional and international companies in the financial investment and industrial investment sectors. NIG has clearly established itself as a major international force through its extensive investments in several prominent Power Supply and Telecom companies throughout Saudi and the Emirates, Singapore, Sri Lanka, UK and Latin America.


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