Hassan Optics - Hawally 2

Al-Muhallab Mall,Beirut St,Hawally, Hawalli Governorate,Kuwait.

  • +965 22625402
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First established in 1951, the company is entering its seventh decade, and it presents a confident corporate face whilst retaining its constant ethic of human care.
There can be few businesses which have grown throughout the years to touch and to benefit the lives of quite so many of Kuwait’s citizens as Hassan’s Optician Company. Both the story and the growth of Hassan’s are a mirror of the story and growth of Kuwait. Where Kuwait has developed and prospered through the implementation of a brave vision and as a result of hard work and determination, so has Hassan’s Optician Company.

Today, Hassan’s Optician Company is a partner to current global leaders in the field of eye-care and optics, as well as jewelry and hearing aids. A network of more than forty optical stores throughout Kuwait is testament to their more than sixty years of commitment to the people of this nation. Hassan’s Optician Company was founded on the principle of providing the very best eye-care – it is a principle which has remained at the heart of their business throughout every day of their sixty-plus years, albeit that it is managed on a much larger scale today than it ever has been before.


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