Gulf Telecom - Kuwait City

Salhiya Complex,4th Entrance - 2nd Floor,Kuwait City, Capital Governorate,Kuwait.

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Meeting the ever changing needs of the customer has meant that Gulf Telecom has always remained at the forefront of technological development. Gulf Telecom\'s philosophy - best in class telecommunications for remote and hazardous locations whether on air-land or at sea - is the key factor behind every turnkey communications system designed by the company. Systems integration solutions Whether it\'s microwave radio links in Kuwait’s desert or integrated VSAT DAMA networks offshore, Gulf Telecom systems help to create a \"desktop environment\" which means business as usual for the customer operating in a remote location where otherwise no terrestrial infrastructure exists. With broadband VSAT capability as its core focus, Gulf Telecom provides seamless global voice, data and multimedia connectivity from some of the harshest terrain on earth - from deep within the Sahara or to a Cruise Liner in the Pacific Ocean.


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