Flppress - Farwaniya

Arbeed Plaza, Tower 1, Floor 1,Farwaniya, Al Farwaniyah Governorate,Kuwait.

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For us printing is not a commodity but a service. Our bright new team pour in ideas and solutions to let this service translate into a delightful experience for our customers from order taking to its delivery. An exciting team of young and experienced members has let us adapt to new printing systems and new levels of customer service at the same time. And we are in the constant process of learning as well, offering the latest in the printing industry to our customers. After a decade of making a flourishing impression in the printing industry in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the Middle East, Arafah Printing Press and Frontline Logistics joined hands to start Frontline Printing Press. Armed with Arafah\'s printing experience and Frontline Group\'s local market knowledge, Frontline Printing Press set about repeating our successes in Kuwait as well.

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