Driade And Venini

Thuraya Mall,Salem Al Mubarak Street,Salmiya, Hawalli Governorate,Kuwait.

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Shakespeare said: \"We are such stuff as dreams are made on\". In reality, however, to make dreams become stuff, or better product, you need organization, strategy and intuition. So that, if Enrico Astori has always proposed a dreamlike and innovative vision of the world of objects, since1990 Eberardo Gortana has assisted him right to make visions become true, to give substance to dreams and make them spread throughout the world. Quiet and discreet, Gortana, trained as a chemical engineer, after graduation and a long experience in the field of petrochemicals, arrived in Driade in 1990. He speaks fluently five different languages and that\'s why he took care immediately of interacting with faraway countries, though speaking another language yet, the one by Driade.

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