Al - Shaya Perfumes - Farwaniya

Maghateet Complex,Habeeb Munawer St,Farwaniya, Al Farwaniyah Governorate,Kuwait.

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Since the olden days Kuwaiti ships were trading through the Arabian gulf harbors, navigating through Arabian Sea and reaching out to India and East Africa. They were dealing with all kind of goods, and perfumes were one of them, it was imported from India. Late Mr. Abdullah Dakheel Al–Shaya who was one of the pioneers in the perfumes field opened the first shop in Al Mubarakiya market of Kuwait in 1928.At that time Al Mubarakiya market was the prestigious place in Kuwait. The shop called \"Al-Shaya Perfumes\". Late Mr. Abdullah imported the perfumes such as Oud, Rose, Amber, Sandal and all related kinds of oriental perfumes from India. He insisted on trusted deals and good business relationship with his customers and suppliers, which built through by time good reputation and set up a well-established firm for \"Al Shaya Perfumes\" .AL-Shaya Perfumes now has more than 54 shops in Kuwait. Also it extended their activities to cover most of the Arabian Gulf States and South Africa by 20 shops to reach in total 74 shops.Al-Shaya Perfumes have opened 4 branches in Qatar which are located in Doha the capital, 5 branches in U.A.E.(In Dubai, Ras Al-khaima, Al-Fujaira and Al-Ain) , 9 branchs in Kingdom of Sudia Arabia (Hafer AlBatin, AlRiyadh, AlDammam, Jubail, AlKhafgi) , 2 branches in Oman.Al-Shaya Perfumes Chain Stores are specialized and well known for their quality Bakhoor, high standard essential oils and the collection of high quality Al-Shaya Products, which have the well known trade mark and which is equal to the quality .Al-Shaya Perfumes is still following the same policies which have been applied by the founder through the best dealing and trust with the customers and suppliers and providing the best services, excellent quality products with the most reasonable price.Al-Shaya Perfumes have a long history of creating the finest and most beautiful fragrances and in this year it celebrates the 85 years of growth, success, trust and loyaltyThe determination of AL-Shaya Perfumes to provide their customers the best quality lead them to approach ISO and got ISO 9001:2000 Certification in May 2006.


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