World Famous Pista House Haleem In Kuwait Through Nizamat Hyderabad Restaurant
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The Famous Pista House Haleem Available in Kuwait through Nizamat Hyderabad Restaurant in Fahaheel and Salmiya , Nizamat Hyderabad is the only Authentic hyderabad restaurant available in Kuwait.

Nizamat Hyderabad Restaurant Fahaheel Branch

63rd Street, Block 11, Fahaheel,

Kuwait (Next to X-cite and Lulu Hypermart)

23911313 ,

Nizamat Hyderabad Restaurant Salmiya Branch

Al Salam Mall, First Floor

Salem Mubarak Street


Mob - 91104435

Nizamat Hyderabad Restaurant Salmiya Kuwait

How Haleem is Prepared - The popular recipe of Pista House, Haleem came about by a lot of trial and errors. The owner, Mohammed Abdul Majeed, who established the restaurant in 1997 but introduced Haleem only in 2002, tinkered around with the recipe until it became richer and smoother.

Into his Haleem goes finely-pounded wheat, minced meat, dals (urad, chana and toor), spices, dry fruits, and plenty of ghee. It is then cooked for 12 hours in a degh (cauldron) over firewood, stirred continuously with an enormous wooden mallet (ghotni) until it is a thick, sludgy, highly nutritious porridge, making it perhaps one of the most nourishing ways to break the iftar fast.

Majeed's Haleem soon became the gold standard for Hyderabadi Haleem. In 2010, it received the GI tag (Geographical Indication), which is a tremendous honour and also a smart business move, meaning no other restaurant could name its dish 'Hyderabadi Haleem.'

The GI tag also indicated that a certain standard is always expected from Pista House's Haleem - for instance, the ratio of goat meat to pounded grain must be precise, there can be no other additives of flavoring or coloring, all ingredients must be absolutely fresh and pure, and the cooking time of twelve hours must not vary.



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