Wolves Do Not Run In Vain
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After several decades of hesitation and after the security and stability of Egypt was tempered by the Muslim Brotherhood which had serious impact on the income of the state due to the decline in tourism and setback to economic progress which deteriorated the security and economic conditions in Egypt, Al-Azhar took a decision and branded the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group following in the footsteps of DAESH.

Al-Azhar also described those who murdered the Attorney-General Hisham Barakat as killers not martyrs. Al-Azhar said in a statement that the group sought to spread chaos and to promote hidden agendas that threaten Egypt’s national security.

In a recent noticeable development in Kuwait, the last safe haven of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Gulf system, their representative lost the last parliamentary complementary elections, despite all the great efforts exerted by his religious party, and the money spent by the Brotherhood’s secret machine.

This is in addition to the great efforts exerted by members of the party and the support from the Salafis, and the independents and the misguided, but all this did not help him win the seat.

Many saw the appearance of the beautiful wild flower Nuer as a result of the rain which marks a new hope for Kuwait, at the same time we see the beginning of the decline of the influence of this group. This is a clear signal for the government although the group believes it has much influence among the people, but in fact the opposite is true. The group is much weaker than the government thinks. The government must therefore abandon it and support the emerging forces and integrate national forces.

We are fed up of the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and we are already disgusted by the huge wealth accumulated by some leaders as a result of influence of their ugly party. The time has come to stop their domination of state institution in ministries and government.

We have also suffered because the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist struggle for positions in the religious authorities in the Awqaf, endowments and the printing press of the Holy Quran, after all the financial irregularities and referrals to the Prosecution, and thefts, which recently affected even the money earmarked for the orphans, a scandal recently revealed by MP Abdulwahab Al-Babtain.

It is strange that the body in charge of publishing the Quran was officially scheduled to be dissolved, and make it an affiliate of the Ministry of Awqaf, after theft of the budget and failure to print even one copy of the Quran over ten years but spending tens of millions of dinars.

However the new minister surprised everyone by reviving the body and appointing a person of certain religious party to the post of Secretary-General, who in turn will perhaps be able to appoint an opponent in another high post soon, thus, the conflict continues for the slice of cake. So the issues will continue to surface – corruption and referrals to the Public Prosecution – and we will be back from where he had started.

This raises the question: Why this strange insistence on the appointment of parties, belonging to this or that religious party to the post of the ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and the Quran printing department the Waqf (endowment) and orphans and others?

Are there no Kuwaitis more efficient and loyal? Why the government does not appoint someone who is impartial and does not belong either to the Brotherhood group or the Salafists and stop all this extortion and all this waste and all these wars for positions? Wolves do not run in vain.

27 Mar, 2019 1 759
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