Will I Live Until Year 2061
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Kuwait celebrated its national days – independence from British protection (1961) and liberation from the Saddam occupation (1991). The celebration coincided with Kuwait’s entry into the world of clean energy generation through the Shaqaya Renewable Energy Complex, one of the largest solar and wind power projects for the electricity grid, which by 2030 will cover 15 percent of the country’s total energy needs.

On this occasion, and based on its desire to leave something from our present to the next generations, the management of the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) has decided to put a time capsule on the research center in Al-Shaqaya project, to be buried deep and not open until 2061.

This capsule shall include messages from the people of the present generation with different age, educational and cultural backgrounds to the future generations, including selected ideas and views of their lives and their perceptions of what Kuwait will be like 42 years later. It will also include documents showing the stages of construction of the project, with written and digital texts. The year 2061 was chosen because 42 years later would mark the 100th anniversary of independence.

If I were one of the young people who would be assigned to write a text that represents their perceptions or wishes for what Kuwait would be in 2061, I would write that I wish to see another Kuwait, less distracted, less hateful, less fragmented and more humane and loving.

If I were a child, I would like Kuwait would be a homeland for all, just as we were before we plunged into the oil wealth – the time when we loved everyone and received everyone, and gave nationality to all who deserved it and not confining it to followers of a specific religion or sect.

Yes, if I were a child, I would have wished for a civil Kuwait in 2061 where there is no role for tribalism, no role for clerics in running the country and keeping them away from manipulating politics.

I would also like to write that I hope Kuwait to become a prominent country in various indicators of progress and development, the first in high living standards and among the top ten in the list of happiest peoples.

I hope that all the wishes of those who put their dreams in the time capsule will come true and that Kuwait will be free of imbalances in the population structure without oppressed people, or deprived bedoun.

I hope that when the time comes and my children or my grandchildren read this message after 42 years, the smiles of pride will be drawn on their faces after drinking water becomes clean and electricity and gas reach every house through public shareholding companies that run these facilities away from the some flaccid and corrupt government institutions.

I hope to have more than a good airport, new and respected universities, paved roads and streets, laws respected, modern traffic system and teaching ethics in schools and leave the teaching of religion to society and the family and not to schools.

Finally, I hope that 2061 will see a greater relationship between the ruling family and the people, governed by articles of a stable, acceptable and applied Constitution by the two sides especially that we have all the potential to become all this, and more.

28 Feb, 2019 2 740
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