Why Blame Foreign Workers
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India is proud of many things, including the feeling that the Indians are the most tolerant and loving community. It is not surprising, India was the cradle of Gandhi’s non-violent movement in the middle of the last century, but over the past three decades, this tolerance has been plagued with many cracks because of the misunderstanding of the Muslim extremists and their belief that they can harm the peaceful Indian people without being punished.

The reaction of Hindus, who are historically peaceful, was violent and harsh, resulting in their political extremism, and the beginning of the rise and victory of the extreme right parties. India is proud of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), which is similar to the US MIT Institute (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

The idea of establishing the Institute began in 1946, or before India gained independence from Britain, and upon the recommendation of a higher committee that saw it was necessary to establish higher technical institutions concerned with industrial development, covering the entire Indian continent and creating secondary institutions affiliated to it.

Thus, the first Indian Institute of Technology was established in May 1950 at the site of a concentration camp. In 1956, the Indian Parliament considered the IIT as an important national institution, and Jawaharlal Nehru first post-independence Prime Minister was credited for its establishment.

Today, the Institute which makes it impossible for the incompetent person to pass its entrance exams is a reservoir of scientific minds not only for India, but for many Western countries, such as America, which has granted tens of thousands of its graduates the US nationality without hesitation.

In the same period, the late Khalid Al-Masoud, when he was the minister of education in Kuwait, deleted the word of ‘education’ from the ministry’s name. During his reign, a college of teachers was opened and a reward was given to those who joined it, thus many inefficient people joined the college particularly those who are not worthy of this holy profession, either for the reward or for the benefits of other educational advantages for a large salary, a long school holiday, and comfortable work.

Thus, the few sincere teachers got lost in the deep sea of others, who were attracted by the religious parties, especially the Muslim Brotherhood, followed by the Salafi Party, who tightened their grip on the Kuwait Teachers Society since its inception, and perhaps even today.

It is not difficult to explain the damage caused by the outcomes in high school neither was it difficult for the Muslim Brotherhood party to control the university students’ unions for more than three decades and will be in the future.

On the other hand, all ministers of education failed, without exception, not to be unfair to anyone, to guide the study according to the needs of the labor market, and left the students to join the college he/she wishes without taking into account the need of the labor market. In less than thirty years, tens of thousands graduated from Sharia and religious institutes despite the fact that 99% of them were originally refusing to work in their field of specialization.

However, this fact did not “draw” the attention of any minister of education, and no action was taken to stop all this rush to join Sharia colleges, especially after the continued intervention of some MPs known to us very well and the government bowing to their demands and employing graduates of Sharia in various serious jobs

This made a large number to join Sharia College to work after graduation as lawyers, consultants, investigators and even prosecutors, although they have nothing to do with any of these high disciplines.

We saw at the same time that a number of those who learned physics and mathematics did not exceed the fingers of one hand, and then we come to complain that foreigners are taking our jobs.

Note: The Council of Ministers must adopt the fatwa of Sheikh Saad Al-Khathlan which states: “Whoever received his academic certificates by cheating and received a salary, he has only to show remorse and repent, and to pledge that he will not return to this act and raise his level.”

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