We Have Stopped Complaining
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A few days ago, I received an invitation from the Amiri Diwan to attend the closing ceremony of the National Youth Project which was held at the Bayan Palace. I was very happy with the ceremony and seeing these beautiful promising young people who were honored by His Highness the Amir for their achievements in various fields.

I was also pleased with the beautiful dance shows which add color and joy to Kuwait’s official and unofficial celebrations and with their decorations and designs and beautiful national designs and music, which had disappeared for decades from our midst.

While enjoying the wonderful ceremony, I remembered an old interview made by Faisal Al-Duwaisan – before he turned from a successful media reporter to an unsuccessful politician – with Ahmad Al-Muhanna, who was then Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education before his retirement in the early 1980s.

During the interview, Al-Muhanna talked about many of the dance activities and the huge sports shows in Kuwait in the seventies and eighties for senior state officials and its guests, with the participation of the boys and girls of Kuwait, and the last sports festivals were organized by him in 1981, accompanied by successful theater and musical festivals.

Al-Muhanna, who died in August 2004 had a role, even shortly before his retirement in the supervision of the various activities and even in the selection of teachers and distributing them to schools according to his plan but the forces of darkness and fundamentalism whose activities dominated Kuwait began to stop such activities, and the government responded slowly and hesitantly at the beginning and then accelerated so that the innocent entertainment has forbidden, debauchery and immorality.

Consequently the activities vanished and we were plagued with backwardness in every field. Even the condition of scout movement became pathetic after it was fought by the fanatics on the one hand, and after it fell in hands of those who have nothing to do with it and on the other hand it became something of the past, with no significance except money offered by the government or financial assistance we know nothing about how it was spent.

It is funny or perhaps surprising that our esteemed government, with the intervention of the unhappy forces recently prevented the well-known American singer Akon from entering Kuwait, specifically on March 22, while the same singer performed a wonderful concert on the coast of Dammam, in Saudi Arabia, a two-hour drive from the heart of Kuwait City.

We have stopped complaining.

01 Apr, 2019 7 1250
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