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Good morning dear and honourable brothers and sisters. In this article I would like to talk about the recent decision by the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to ban his fellow nationals from traveling and working in Kuwait due to what he said bad treatment by many sponsors. First of all, allow me Mr. President to thank you very much for your concern over your country's nationals and I call this a big sacrifice when a president of any country stands up for the rights of his citizens. Your statement about the mistreatment by many sponsors in Kuwait can take place in any country and I agree with you that those bad sponsors must be taken to justice to be punished. A few cases happened here and there would necessitate that stiffer action be taken against those sponsors who defame the bright image of Kuwait in international arenas.

The government of Kuwait must act harsh with those inhumane cases of mistreatment of manslaughter against any nationality who came here to seek a decent living in a country labelled by the United Nations a centre for humanitarian action and its leader His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah as a Humanitarian Leader. Every nationality who arrives in Kuwait for a decent living must be respected and provided with the fullest security and peace. We do no not want to be labelled unjust and unfair sponsors.

On the other hand Mr. President, if you interview the majority of your countrymen and women they would say that they are receiving a great treatment and enjoy being here as great friends of Kuwait. There are a few cases I am with that suffer a lot from their inhumane sponsors but this does not reach to banning a great segment of your country's population from seeking a better living condition elsewhere.

If the economic conditions in the Philippines were good, those workers would not have left the country in search for a better life. In this case, you would be banning them also from seeking work in the Gulf as there are many bad cases the same thing in the Middle East and in Europe but not to that extent to what is happening in this region. Kuwait and the Philippines enjoy excellent bilateral ties and I hope that theses few cases would not jeopardise such great ties. I would like to note to Philippines Ambassador in Kuwait who said that the majority of the Filipino community here are satisfied.

Thank you Mr. President.
By Talal Al-Ghannam

Talal Al Ghannam Kuwait

06 Feb, 2018 5 8002
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