Tehran - Evil Devours Self
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THE regime in Iran has entered a new phase of crisis with the resignation of Foreign Affairs Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif who spearheaded his country’s international relations for quite some time.

It seems the issue, which brought everything down, was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ignoring protocols during the visit of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

This occurred after the regime’s head of diplomacy failed to resolve the issue concerning Tehran’s ambassador to the Republic of Kenya who was caught up in a row as he attempted to smuggle two Revolutionary Guards terror suspects from Nairobi.

In addition, Tehran has failed several times in the past few months to stop the negative effect of the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement and Iran has been unable to persuade other capitals to abide by the agreement. This led to internal dispute in the authority in Tehran. Therefore, the resignation of Zarif is an indication of crisis entrenched in Iran’s central command.

Similar failures appeared in economic, living and oil policies. The government has failed to achieve any breakthrough as per the tendencies of the Revolutionary Guard — the actual power in Iran. Hence, this resignation came as a surprise to further complicate the internal situation. This is another indication of the fall of Hassan Rouhani’s government. It entails the return of protests, strikes and even toppling of the regime.

The supreme Iranian political leadership caused this situation. Since 1979, the leadership has been transforming Iran’s embassies and consulates into spy hubs and shelters for terrorists while securing support for terrorists.

The recent incident in Nairobi is not the end; given that in the past, Iran engaged in a similar crisis in Belgium, Germany, France, Sweden, Argentina, Morocco, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. It has been using elements of the Revolutionary Guard to commit crimes against pilgrims in the Muslims’ most sacred place on Earth.

A criminal usually denies committing the crime, while presenting justifications to make him appear as the victim. The regime in Iran has been doing this since it started its terrorist acts in Beirut in the early 1980s, during which it turned its embassies into jails for foreign hostages.

Nonetheless, Iran’s Foreign Affairs Ministry has always addressed the issue through a statement of denial. In fact, it accuses what it refers to as the international force of bullying.

This unusual diplomatic situation has prompted many world capitals to sever ties with Tehran, reduce the level of diplomatic representation or intensify sanctions. As a result, the internal living condition has become appalling. This is clearly manifested in the exit of Zarif from the government. Apparently, the best way to fight evil is to let it devour itself.

27 Feb, 2019 0 730
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