Syria Absent - But Present At Summit
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IT IS ironic for Arabs to discuss the announcement of US President Donald Trump regarding his country’s recognition of the Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights in the summit which will be held in Tunisia without the presence of Syria in the meeting.

Considering that the one without recognition rights recognized the one who does not deserve the right on the occupied land, the Arabs excluded the one entitled to deal with this issue from their summit.

This means they will discuss an issue without listening to the opinion of the one entitled to handle it. This makes the Arab League unique considering the history of regional and international organizations.

The League did not take any notable position on the US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, especially since the city is the basis of any solution for the Palestinian case which stands on the Arab peace initiatives; hence, the inability of Arabs to settle the issue makes condemnation just a stance aimed at lifting the blame from them.

The current position on the issue of Syria and Golan affirms the old age of the Arab League which needs rehabilitation, at least in terms of operating like international organizations based on majority vote. In contrast, the Arab League is based on consensus in which a single objective regarding an issue is enough to dismiss and disregard the entire agenda.

We all know that since its inception in 1945, the Arab League has not had a consensus except on certain cases. The Arab-Arab conflict hindered many resolutions and agreements that would have been a source of strength for all Arabs.

There are many ironic and strange issues in relation to Syria, first and foremost is the Arab League case. The fate of this country in the past years went through decisions and statements without any meeting.

One of the most important issues concerning every Arab today is that the US position on the sovereignty of Israel over Golan will not stop there; because in the future, it will extend to Gaza Strip and Lebanese Shebaa farms while the omission of the right to return will happen later.

As long as Israel’s appetite is open to expansionism and burying the Palestinian case, and as long as Israel is the winning card in the bazaar of US elections; the matter will continue to extend beyond its limit. The world’s super powers will continue slapping the Arabs who will then settle for condemnation despite having an organization such as the Arab League which wastes rights and yields to the stances of this or that country. In fact, the Arabs will accept the status quo as per the course of history. They will demand for what Israel occupies every 10 years and forget the core of the problem.

In spite of putting Golan as the summit’s main agenda, some Arabs still think it is too early for Syria to return to the Arab League. We then ask: If this is your negative position on the country which is entitled to deal with the issue, is it not early to discuss Golan? Or are you following in the steps of Trump regarding this issue? Indeed, the worst disaster brings laughter.

31 Mar, 2019 3 800
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