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For certain huge money has been spent in Kuwait to publish surprisingly controversial advertisements and one such recent advert which can be seen even in remote industrial areas shows a young man holding a copy of the Holy Quran in his hand with the following phrase ‘Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah’ written in the same font and form of DAESH slogans written on its black flag over the past few years which covers its bloody history.

The timing of the publication of this advertisement coincides with the termination of the state of the Caliphate of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. It indicates something is happening on the home front and his activity is alive in Kuwait, even though it has become history in Iraq and for certain within days will almost end in Syria but Kuwait will remain the fortified fortress of ISIS.

The most interesting thing is the parties which have spent millions on publishing this advert could have spent the money on better things, instead of promoting lies.

One of the parties that have spent money on this advert is Rakaz. It is strange that it has branches in the Gulf countries, Egypt and Algeria well managed by an army of cadres. This huge money cannot be supervised, which is spent with great extravagance, with individual efforts but perhaps there are states, and certainly political parties behind financing and supervision who have specific agendas.

It is stated in the site of Rakaz, for example, that it aims to promote ethics and refine the thought, mind and language (tongue), and adjust the volatile desires, correct the approach of man to life. This is in addition to other vague goals, such as raising the banner of challenge through steady steps ‘which we are working hard to achieve’.

Rakaz aims to launch its diverse campaigns and media programs to reach out to the world by 2020 through clear goals of motivating individuals and communities to adopt and apply ethics and to provide a human and societal model for those who seek moral advancement which brings together true and sincere realism and practical application of sound methodology derived from “our religion” to fortify the humans and society in the face of contradictory moral constants … etc, etc. This cannot be done without the support of a huge religious party.

Perhaps it is the first time in Kuwait that non-official organizations take part in this advertisement and it is a serious indicator of the interference of external parties in the process of shaping awareness among the youth of Kuwait, and directing them towards their goals which is inevitably not allowed by the other states.

The regulatory departments in the ministries of Information and Commerce and before that the Council of Ministers are called upon to stop this ad and hold accountable those who support such propaganda and prevent interference in our internal affairs. We are really fed up of religious parties who decide the fate of our children.

Note: Reader friend Sami Al-Beheiri told us that the literary honesty requires him to say that the content of yesterday’s article is shared (copied) by him from a friend, so it is necessary to make a mention of it.

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