Racism Begins At Home
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When a dictator clings to power in a poor country, his first concern is to govern and/or reach the top. To ensure that, he subordinates all the organs of the state to serve this purpose and controlling the opinions of the people becomes the need of the hour.

This requires gagging the mouths, restrict the press, monitor the means of communication, the prohibition of the Internet for non-specific purposes, humiliation of people and soil their dignity, control the civil institutions and penetrate them with ‘special eyes’, establish intelligence units whose tentacles control all issues to such an extent even a permit to build a house needs their consent.

Then calls are made with concerted efforts to eradicate poverty, restore Palestine, liberate the Golan Heights and restore Iskenderun (what about it now?), and the restoration of islands from Iran, all of which are worthless claims. It is impossible for those who do not have dignity and freedom to help others in winning his/her freedom.

A female colleague writes that some accuse the West of racism and do not understand what it means to be a migrant Muslim. There are more than 50 Arab and Muslim countries that refuse to accept you and if you manage to enter them forcibly or infiltrate, the refugee camps will be your destined shelter.

If you are an Arab Muslim working in one of the Gulf States, your file is the closest to the regulatory bodies than others.

To be a refugee and looking for a tent to shelter your children, you have to sail over the sea with your baby to look for a camp, while the largest tent city in the world is nearby you.

She says the real racism is that every country is afraid of its sister country more than her fear of the other. If you go to the embassy of an Arab Muslim country and make a request for visit visa, residence or work permit, you will be given a form asking you about your religion and your faith, and you will not get a visa often even if you answer what they desire.

Racism is when the Arabs and people from Muslim countries are discriminated on the basis of race, sex, color and religion!

Our voices were very high in condemning Trump’s decision to prevent the entry of citizens of several Muslim countries to America, but we have forgotten that many of our countries have preceded him in making this decision for decades, albeit silently. This is racism.

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