New Prison Needed
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FEW days ago, I wrote about the new Kuwait International Airport terminal (T4), which officials have promised will be ready for Kuwait Airways to use starting from early August, and I insist we should not celebrate until we see it happening physically, seeing the rate at which we long for new achievements as Kuwaitis.

A friend remarked that we need several other projects apart from the new airport terminals that have long been promised to be ready for use! Due to my profession, I suppose what we really need is a new central prison, because the current prison is said to have been designed for 2000 inmates but receives scores of such guests on a daily basis, indicating the current number of inmates exceeds capacity of the facility- according to a top official at the Ministry of Interior.

I don’t know why I mentioned this when I read that Inaki Urdangarin, brother in-law of the Spanish King Philippe, surrendered himself last week to serve five years and ten months jail term slammed on him after he was found guilty of tax  fraud and corruption.

The Spanish Elpais Newspaper reported the prison has 162 cells and most of the inmates are women, while there’s a small separate unit for men. The prison was chosen due to its closeness to Madrid so as to make it easy for his wife Princess Christina-King Felipe’s sister- to visit. Urdangarin was indicted last February for using his influence as in-law of the royal family to win event planning contracts through his non-profit organization “Noos Institute” and inflating prices to organize those events. He allegedly hid millions of revenues in Euro abroad.

Reading this news spurred me a bit to realize that what happened in Spain is also happening here in Kuwait. The only difference is that the heroes of our country move freely outside prison in resorts, European countries, Kuwaiti diwaniyas and events.

Our people are immune against punishment, and as such misbehave, in all ramifications. If society had managed them with iron fist and applied the rule of law on the big people before the small ones, our small prisons would be filled with them. We only hope the contract for constructing a new prison (after a long time) will not be awarded to one of them!!!

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Oil Minister



28 Jun, 2018 1 2451
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