Muharraq Skewers Restaurant Review
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Muharraq Skewers - A small food joint on Amman Street serves cuisine from the lands of Bahrain, which got us curious to venture it out.
Since the place is  always is crowded, we decided to make a reservation. We tried calling their number but unfortunately couldn’t get through, so we DM`d them on Instagram and got an immediate confirmation.
We were greeted with a warm and friendly welcome. On entering we saw there were around 7-8 tables and the ambience was nice and cosy.  The aroma coming from their kitchen got us salivating and we couldn’t wait to place our order.One of their staff-member helped us with the menu and suggested their food specials.


Hamous Muharraq Skewers Restaurant Review, حمص المحرق استعراض أسياخ

As suggested, we ordered a mix of 

1. Bahraini lemon kebab skewers - marinated tender bite size pieces of meat with a hint of lemon flavour were well barbequed and we thoroughly enjoyed their special recipe.
2. Yogurt tikka skewers - mildly flavoured with spices with a mix of yogurt were nice and juicy chunks perfectly roasted on the skewers. 
3. Spicy tikka skewers - weren't very spicy but were well seasoned and succulent. 

4. Kebab skewers - minced meat cooked until smoky and soft with just the perfect set of flavours were definitely a treat.

5. Heart skewers - we are quite sceptical about ordering this one but since they were highly recommended we tried it. With absolutely no regrets we loved its smoky flavour with a moist texture and ordered for more skewers later. 
As suggested, the heart is a must have. Every portion consists of 5 skewers and if you like you can order a different type each and a single skewer consists of around 5-6 bite sized pieces. The skewers arrived on a bed of spring onions and lemon.We also tried their hummus and tahini dips that were accompanied with a fresh hot and fluffy khaboos. The hummus was nice and creamy with sprinkles of red paprika. The tahini had a touch of sourness which complimented the kebabs well. While dinning we had a casual chat with one of their attendant regarding the culture of Bahrain and he was more than happy to share his traditions with us. We definitely recommend this place for all kebab lovers as this place holds flavours and cultural essence of Bahrain. 

Skewers Muharraq Restaurant,مطعم سيخ المحرق
• Here are a few pointers you can keep in mind before visiting this place:
• Reservation recommended 
• Limited parking 
• Timings:7.00 pm - 11.30 pm 
• Home delivery not available yet, but you can place your order by noon and can collect it at your time of convenience.
• You can look for their menu card on their Instagram page.
• Friendly, informative and helpful staff
Muharraq Restaurant Kuwait
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