Momo Zaa Dumpling House Bhutanese Cuisine Review
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Momo Zaa Dumpling House Bhutanese Cuisine Review

I’m sure most of us have heard about the culture and beauty of Bhutan and here in Salmiya Kuwait you can get to experience the flavours of Bhutan at Momo Zaa. It’s a small restaurant with colourful and vibrant interiors, with a seating of around four tables. The décor of this place with the Ashtamangala symbols on one wall, prayer flags on the other and photographs from Bhutan make you feel the cultural essence of their country.

We took a seat and had a look at their menu card. They have authentic dishes on their menu and with kind assistance from their staff we were suggested to try some steamed chicken and beef momo’s.While our order was being prepared we were served a complimentary vegetable soup with flavours soothing to the throat.

Soon the momo’s were served with a side of their homemade  Bhutanese chilly sauce. I took a bite of the chicken momo’s and they were really juicy and soft. The beef momo’s weren’t as good as the chicken ones but were well seasoned and steamed to perfection.

Momo Zaa Dumpling House

We also tried the fried chicken drumsticks and egg floss from their appetizers. The fried chicken drumsticks were luscious and tangy, garnished with sesame seeds. Just to mention that the drumsticks weren’t a Bhutanese dish but were on their menu as a alternative speciality. The egg floss was made up of egg strings fried until golden brown. It was crispy but lacked flavour on its own. As we were told it is supposed to be eaten as a side dish with their mains.

Drumstick at Momo Zaa Sakmiya Restaurant Kuwait

Momo Zaa Dumpling House Restaurant Review Kuwait

Still hungry we called for the other authentic dishes from their menu. We ordered the Shamu Datshi and Beef Shapta .Shamu Datshi is a delicacy prepared with mushrooms and traditional datshi cheese, but this iteration was made by using cheddar cheese. While conversing with our attendant, she told us that back in Bhutan a variety of cheese is used on a large scale in most of their recipes. Beef Shapta was a stew of thin strips of beef cooked and marinated in spices. We were given an option to eat these dishes with either rice or Tingmo. We chose the latter. Tingmo was hand crafted steam bread that was a perfect companion to the dishes. We thoroughly enjoyed it being served hot and fresh.

Momo Zaa Dumpling House Bhutaneese Cuisene review

Momo Zaa Dumpling House Salmiya Kuwait

Another thing that caught my eye on the menu was the spicy coke. It was prepared by adding lemon and a secret ingredient in the coke. It had a pungent tangy twist to the coke but was definitely not spicy.

Unfortunately we were so full that we couldn’t try their desserts. They have chocolate momo’s on their menu which not only sounds interesting but is highly recommended by the restaurant too.

Momo Zaa Dumpling House

The food and experience was indeed a delight and we would definitely recommend this place for all those who would like to experience Bhutanese flavours prepared by one of the former chef of the TAJ hotels in Bhutan.

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Momo Zaa Dumpling House Bhutanese Cuisine resataurant Salmiya Kuwait

Momo Zaa Dumpling House Bhutanese Cuisine restaurant Salmiya Kuwait

Interior and Exterior


Momo Zaa The Dumpling House Restaurant Bhutaneese Cuisene Salmiya Kuwait


Momo Zaa Dumpling House Restaurant Salmiya Kuwait

Momo Zaa Dumpling House Restaurant Bhutaneese Cuisene

Before you visit keep in mind-

·         They do not accept Knet yet.

·         Home delivery not available.

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Timings - 12PM to 11PM All Days Except Sunday, Sunday 6PM to 11PM

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