Majority Of Canadians Would Love Welcoming More Immigrants In 2019 - Now Is Your Chance To Apply
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Majority of Canadians Would Love Welcoming More Immigrants in 2019 – Now is your chance to Apply
The three-quarters of Canadians (76%) believes that Canada’s economy is positively affected by immigration according to a survey done by the Environics Institute. This was a reduction of 4% from the 80% recorded in the survey which was done in February. Those who disagreed according to the study rose from 16% to 18%

The Canadian’s views on the overall impact of immigrants make Canada a better place according to the survey. 45% versus 17% is the ratio of those who think that immigrants make Canada a better place against those who oppose.
Most Canadians say immigration is not a national problem

According to the study done by Environics Institute, 52% of the Canadians believed that immigrants fail to adopt the Canadian values while 41% disagreed. This survey noted the concern of integrating immigrants to be less than those who are already there for the last 25 years. The immigrants are expected to learn and adopt the Canadian culture and respect it. An example is by learning fluent English or French, tolerate everyone and respect the laws of the land. Overall, the survey finds the immigrants better than the Canadians issues.
Demographic breakdown

As recorded earlier, refugee and immigration issues are rank lower across all demographic areas and regions according to the institute. British Columbia is the winning province in the positivity towards the immigrants. 63% of respondents reject the idea of immigrants welcomed by the Canadians to be more. 60% of Canadians are under the age of 45 and 70% university degree rejected this idea. The Canadians who are under the age of 45 believed that the immigrants improve Canada’s economy. This is a range of people with higher education levels and higher income.
The survey done by Environics Institute stated that immigration had a negative perspective. It was most evident in Alberta where 42% of the interviewed accepted that Canada welcomes many immigrants while 64% disagreed about the positivity brought by Canada’s economy. Negative views about immigrants were also expected from Canadians who did not reach high school levels.

At the level of federal politics, those who supported Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau’s of Liberal Party favorably inclined towards the immigrants. The Conservative party and the new rightwing Peoples Party, however, had a different view, it held very negative views of immigration.



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