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Prof Masouma, First Woman Minister In Kuwait A dynamic lady with great energy This is the first in a series of articles on Professor Masouma Saleh Al Mubarak, a dynamic lady and the first woman appointed minister in the history of Kuwait.&nbs... February 25, 2019 1 878 Category: Opinion
Summit Of Ending Misconception Between EU, Arabs FOR centuries, the relationship between Europe and the Arabs has been based on conflicts and wars. Such a history affected both sides which continue to endure the repercussions. This has been evident ... February 25, 2019 0 731 Category: Opinion
Prevent The Return Of ISIS ‘Reforms today’s need’ I believe that I was the only one, at least locally, who insisted from day one of the declaration of the “Islamic State” by Abu Bakr al-Bag... February 24, 2019 0 741 Category: Opinion
Our Misdeed, We Thank Netanyahu For His Misbehavior THE leaked pictures of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the recently concluded meeting in Warsaw stirred lamentations and concerns of several thousands of Arabs. In these leaked picture... February 21, 2019 0 799 Category: Opinion
The Pentagon Of Kuwait The Pentagon, or the US Department of Defense, is the world’s largest government building, with a surface area of 600,000 square metres and its name is derived from its five-sided geometric shap... February 21, 2019 0 752 Category: Opinion
Impressions And Time Spent In Oman “If you are a fan of clean roads, words and hearts, you ought to reserve a seat on the soonest trip to the beautiful Oman”, Saudi Arabian writer Prince Saif Al-Islam Bin Saud Bin Abdel-Azi... February 20, 2019 0 783 Category: Opinion
The Studies And Proposals Studies conducted by the United States University of Missouri and other experiments conducted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have come to the conclusion that it is better ... February 20, 2019 0 787 Category: Opinion
E-gangs Activated After Warsaw Harmed Tehran ISRAEL participates in many international organizations side by side the Arabs. All of them meet on the same platform and listen to each other’s speeches. Everything happens without launching an... February 20, 2019 0 772 Category: Opinion
The Day The File Was Lost It is a known fact that oral news reports (or orders given orally) are subjected to change or alteration, even assuming good intention. The change becomes bigger with the increased complexity of the s... February 19, 2019 0 772 Category: Opinion
We Copy Others Music - 2 I ADMIT that I was surprised by the size and quality of interest and reaction to my article ‘We copy music from others’  related to eminent Egyptian musician Abdel Wahab and others wh... February 18, 2019 0 802 Category: Opinion
Late King Fahad Sagacious And A Magnanimous Leader A distinguished Symposium Forum is being held in Kuwait, specifically in Late Amir Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah Cultural Centre during the period from 11th to 23th of the current month of Feb 2019 in ... February 18, 2019 0 772 Category: Opinion
Solve The Loan Crisis DENYING a problem does not mean it does not exist. Based on this, it is impossible to deal lightly with the loans and insolvency issue or to say that it is a simple issue. It is also inappropriate ... February 18, 2019 1 769 Category: Opinion
Why I Admire Trump Despite Donald Trump’s presidency having been weighted down by controversy, it is undeniable that he has delivered on most of his promises to the American people. Under constant attack from his ... February 17, 2019 1 751 Category: Opinion
Warsaw Fixing Mistakes Of Guadeloupe Meeting By Toppling Mullah Regime THE distance between Guadeloupe Islands in the Caribbean and Poland’s capital – Warsaw – is 8,000 kms; while the period between the quadripartite meeting which ended the rule of the ... February 17, 2019 1 758 Category: Opinion
Pastors And Muslim Scholars Women historically have had inferior status in different ages and times, and this inferiority has been consecrated in different faiths with slight differences between them. The Jews and the Christi... February 14, 2019 2 745 Category: Opinion
Where Everyone Does Whatever They Want IN THE seventies, we enjoyed watching the comedy series of Duraid Lahham in the role of Ghawwar, and other Syrian comedians. The title of the series was “Sah Al-Noom (Wake Up)” or “D... February 14, 2019 3 768 Category: Opinion
State, Govt And The Deputy Kuwait was founded about 300 years ago but got its independence from Britain in 1961. Since then, its leaders have made a lot of achievements marching on the road to progress, opened embassies worldwi... February 13, 2019 2 746 Category: Opinion
40 Years Of Dancing On Iranian Corpses THE regime in Tehran is commemorating the 40th anniversary of toppling the Shah. This is happening at a time Iran is becoming more isolated – while its leaders continue to brag about occupying f... February 13, 2019 2 743 Category: Opinion
Don Quixotic And Ineffective Tehran WE heard the speech that Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khomaini delivered to the Iranian Army officials a few days ago, during which he explained the historic slogan, “Death to America.”... February 11, 2019 1 812 Category: Opinion
We Copy The Music Of Others The song ‘Ya Musafer Wahdak’ is one of the most beautiful tunes of the eminent Egyptian musician Mohammad Abdel Wahab, or this is what I thought until yesterday. The lyrics of the song wri... February 11, 2019 1 850 Category: Opinion