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Circumcision Controversy Support Widespread The true history of male circumcision is not known, but throughout human history, and by many peoples, it has been considered a religious ritual that was required to be followed for several reasons ei... May 10, 2018 0 1621 Category: Opinion
Mullas Regime Will Bow And Be Defeated Divinely FINALLY, the rope is around the neck of the Mullah regime. This time, it is an American cowboy who is tying it in a manner almost similar to the hanging of outlaws in the 18th and 19th centuries in Am... May 10, 2018 0 1633 Category: Opinion
City Bookers - The Service Is Bad The Worst online site service in Kuwait for ticket booking, I have booked my ticket on Mar 26th 2018 and have received mail on Apr 6th 2018 stating the ticket has been cancelled and the complete refu... May 09, 2018 2 4615 Category: Reviews
Convergence Of Interests, Goals Today, May 9, the European Union celebrates Europe Day, marking the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration of 1950, setting-up a joint European authority to oversee production of coal and steel. Si... May 09, 2018 0 1357 Category: Opinion
Riyadh, Let Do And Let Pass PERHAPS, the policy “Laissez faire et laissez passer” (Let do and let pass) is applicable in the interpretation of the decisions endorsed by the Saudi leadership to jumpstart diversificati... May 07, 2018 0 1712 Category: Opinion
Why Duterte Banned Workers From Going To Kuwait Amid escalating diplomatic tensions with Kuwait, the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has called on all Filipino workers in the Gulf country to return home. His self-described "Solomonic&q... May 04, 2018 2 4455 Category: Opinion
Avenues Phase Four The shopping and entertainment experience at The Avenues will be complete with the completion of Phase IV, which is expected to be inaugurated in Q1 of 2018. Phase IV will include expansions of existi... March 19, 2018 1 5297 Category: Places
Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre Kuwait The official opening of the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center in Kuwait is being voted 2017 ABB LEAF Public Buildings. The annual LEAF Awards come from over 100 architecture design elites ... March 14, 2018 1 3935 Category: Tourism
Bring Health To Life - Amanda Hanilta “Amanda Hamilton is the professional host of Kuwait’s luxury new detox and  nutrition retreat. This  personalised wellness retreat  is a blend of stunning body results and m... February 20, 2018 1 1972 Category: Fitness
Be Kind To Your Wokrer Good morning dear and honorable brothers and sisters. In this article I would like to continue commenting on the recent ban by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and its implications on the Philippi... February 20, 2018 5 3068 Category: Humans of Kuwait
Yoga Instructors' Training Program 200 Hr - Sri Sri School of Yoga After receiving an overwhelming response in the USA and Europe, #SriSriSchoolofYoga is glad to announce its first ever Yoga Teachers' Training Program in the Middle East! Yoga/Fitness enthusias... February 12, 2018 6 2427 Category: Fitness
Thank You President Duterte... But Good morning dear and honourable brothers and sisters. In this article I would like to talk about the recent decision by the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to ban his fellow nationals from trav... February 06, 2018 5 8003 Category: Opinion
A Genetic Test Designed To Increase The Chance Of IVF Success PGS: A genetic test designed to increase the chance of IVF success Written by Francisco Rodriguez Herrera, Business Development Director, Middle East & India, Igenomix January 10, 2018 Wh... January 19, 2018 3 2151 Category: Fitness
Carriage Delivers The Best Treats To Eat Carriage has become one of the most heard off and must have food delivery application to hit Kuwait. They are making waves when it comes to eateries that serve fresh produce foods. We have all heard t... January 02, 2018 1 4844 Category: Reviews
Four Seasons Hotel In Kuwait With an enviable location on Al Soor Street, the all-new Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Burj Alshaya is part of a glittering new two-tower complex that places guests close to government a... January 02, 2018 4 3309 Category: Places
Kuwait City Time Lapse By MKS Photography Kuwait City Time Laspe by MKS photography  you can follow them on youtube here   ... January 02, 2018 1 1835 Category: Photography
This Town Has Over 1900 Residents And Is Almost Entirely Underground Going underground usually means that you’ve done something terrible and you need to lay low and avoid the consequences for a while. That’s not the case in Coober Pedy, it just means you&rs... January 02, 2018 0 2054 Category: Travel
World Worst Tourist Airport Arabs seem to have limited their own tourism and investments related to it by calling their touristic attractions ‘summer resorts’ and limited their usage to only two months (July and Augu... January 02, 2018 1 2157 Category: Travel
Dubai Time Lapse By Kirill Neiezhmakov Beautiful Dubai Time Lapse by Kirill Neiezhmakov you can follow him on youtube for more videos   ... January 02, 2018 1 2082 Category: Travel
A JOURNEY TO THE ROOF OF AFRICA FROM KUWAIT Mount Kilimanjaro, also known as Roof of Africa is the Tallest Mountain in African Continent located in Tanzania at an elevation of 19,340 feet/5895 Meters. Mount Kilimanjaro falls under Tanzania ... January 02, 2018 1 2334 Category: Travel