Impressions And Time Spent In Oman
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“If you are a fan of clean roads, words and hearts, you ought to reserve a seat on the soonest trip to the beautiful Oman”, Saudi Arabian writer Prince Saif Al-Islam Bin Saud Bin Abdel-Aziz Al-Saud.

My recent trip to the Sultanate of Oman was full of enlightenment and joy despite the short time I spent there.

My eye was overwhelmed with the beautiful scenery of the ancient country, in addition to the architectural theme of recently constructed government houses that are inspired by the traditional touch giving indirect connotations of the heritage title adopted by architects.

The window façade of the buildings deviated from the common modern trends, and in my opinion, the overall architectural idea was a success, given that the architectural structure could stand the test of time. It’s undoubtedly better than the modern structures that undergo maintenance from time to time and do not last long compared to the traditional architectural designs due to the fact that the latter is characterized with robustness and majestic quality to withstand time better than the modern glassy buildings.

Omani roads are very clean, and the overall network design reflects the sincerity of those in charge of construction. The highways are of the expected standard, especially the highway heading to the United Arab Emirates, which has managed to reduce traveling time back and forth, and making it easier for travelers using the road.

The pathways are of modern standards and usually characterized with several world class restaurants and hotels bearing modern trends of the suburbs hosting the major hotels. Those areas are adorned with lights and resemble the general structures in Dubai. They are also among the many attractions for both local and foreign tourists. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit such areas during the day.

The cities of Nizwa and Misfat Al-Abriyee are characterized with traditional architecture, and I couldn’t help watching the foreign tourists that frequent the place despite having a few first-class hotels. However, with a bit of professional marketing, those two areas are bound to become the favorite destination for tourists within and outside Oman. The infrastructure is well-organized and the local labor force is capable of managing affairs of tourism in the best possible manner coupled with the hospitality of Omani people and the smooth flow of traffic that makes the towns and cities easily accessible, even within the capital city, Muscat.

The scenes described above were witnessed by a visitor who considers Oman to be his home. Nonetheless, there is a lot delightful scenes to be witnessed by those touring this wonderful country, which I pray to Allah the Almighty to continue to bless with peace, security and harmony.

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