How To Start A Local Lead Generation Business Coaching Program
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How To Start A Local Lead Generation Business Coaching Program



Lead generation is one of the essential tasks when doing any online marketing strategy. Just like search engine optimization which focuses on website rankings, lead generation on the other hand, focuses on getting more prospective clients in your business.


These skills are mostly used by freelancers working in the digital marketing world. Another good thing about doing this task is that it is usually home-based and it pays well. If you are already doing lead generation task and achieved enough experience around it, a way of earning more is to put up a business coaching program on lead generation.


This course is high in demand since there are a lot of people who want to become freelancers today. If you are planning to start a coaching program of your own, here are some steps to get you started:


1.    Make your training module and lead generation system


The first thing to do here is to prepare your training materials. Research on course reviews on lead generation online. With that, you will quickly identify which topics to tackle and what should be included in the course.


Decide whether if you will be doing an actual class where you can meet your students personally and conduct training for a whole day. You can also opt for a virtual classroom setup where you can prepare video lessons for your program.


Either way, you have to prepare a module on how you will be teaching the class. You should also devise your way on doing lead generation, how you will make it easy, and share it on your future students.


2.    Advertise your business coaching program


The next step is to build your network and bring in students in your class. If you are a freelancer, networking is essential in landing more prospective clients and projects. One approach you can do is to tap current freelancers, which are either general virtual assistants or social media managers.


Providing them supplementary learning to their current specialization will attract them since it will strengthen their portfolio and can even pave a way to other opportunities in the freelancing world.


You can:


  • Make your local lead generation business coaching program known by sharing it in social media or posting it in Facebook groups of freelancers. Let them know that you are offering the course.
  • Upload a video on YouTube about an overview of lead generation and how you make good money out of it. You have to establish your branding as a good lead generation specialist. 


This will engage people to enroll in your class. You also want to look well- adept on the course you will be teaching.


3.    Build your lead generation program website


If you are choosing to teach in a virtual classroom setup, you have to create a website where your students can navigate and access all the lessons and training module in lead generation. You can:


  • Create this it with restricted access—only students enrolled in your program are allowed to access it. This is to protect copyright issues and avoiding your training module to be used in unrightfully manners.
  • Put up another website for your prospective clients with business on your lead generation specialization. Let them know what services you offer and build your portfolio.


This is to establish your branding, too, but this time it’s for business owners who want to avail your service and attract students looking for a good coach for the course.


4.     Build a good relationship with your students


Maintaining proper communication between you and your students will make the coaching program more effective. Some coaching programs only provide video lessons after the prospective student registered for the course, and that’s it.


Although online courses are self-paced and self-explanatory, let your students know that you are their coach and you are willing to help them out. Make your coaching program stand out from the rest by adding some personal touch:


  • Devise a way to assess them if they fully grasp the lessons by giving them some assignments sent by e-mail and then provide them with feedback.
  • Offer apprenticeships to students who completed your coaching sessions by asking them to work on some projects, so that they can practice their skills well and can help them land on good projects.


The key to a successful coaching program is about two things—you and your students. You as their coach, should provide proper learning and give them opportunities to advance their career in the freelancing world. The students, on the other hand, should fully grasp the lessons and should successfully apply it in their fields.





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